Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Night to Celebrate....

It's Sunday night, Laura sits on the couch eating a tub of vanilla ice cream, while she waits for her sister Michelle and her boyfriend Benjamin to show up. The four of them are going out to celebrate Luke and Laura's engagement. Laura has slowly been working less and less hours at the restaurant but, she has been helping the owner Jett find a new chef to take her place. She doesn't plan on coming back to work anytime soon after the baby is born.  Today she took sometime to get some much needed chores done, like Luke's laundry...
Feeling quite accomplished with what she got done today. She relaxes and savors every bite of ice cream. Until.....she is startled out of her little state of zen when Luke hollers from upstairs.
*Luke* "Babe! Where is that laundry you said you washed?...."
*Laura replies with a mouthful of ice cream* "It's down here!!...."
Laura is sitting on the couch devouring ice cream when Luke comes downstairs.
*Luke* "What did you say? I didn't understand a word of it...."
*Laura*  "I said, it's down's on the floor behind you. I never got around to taking it upstairs..."
Luke turns around to grab the basket and take it upstairs.
*Luke* "When is your sister and Benjamin getting here?"
*Laura* "They should be here soon..."
*Luke* "Okay...." *he smiles* "Enjoying yourself?"
*Laura* "Yeah...this ice cream tastes so freaking yummy..."
*Luke laughs* "I can see got some on your nose, Babe."
*Laura she wipes her nose* "Oh!..."
Luke comes back downstairs completely dressed and ready to go as soon as Michelle and Benjamin show up.
*Laura* "Here....I'm done."
*Luke* "Had enough?"
*Laura* "Yes, take it away before I eat the whole thing...."
Laura hands the ice cream over to Luke so he can put the rest of it away. While he is at the fridge, Laura stares at the ring on her finger that he gave her just a couple days ago...
*Laura* "I am so glad your Grandmother saved this ring, it's so pretty!. Your Grandfather had good taste in jewelry...."
*Luke* "Yeah, luckily my Grandmother was smart and saved some stuff for me. Otherwise....I wouldn't have been able to open my shop without the small inheritance she left me."
Luke walks back across the room and leans over the couch to look down at her.
*Luke* "I only wish she could be here to see that ring on your finger...You would have loved my Grandmother...." 
 *Laura* "I'm sure I would have. She sounds like she was a sweet lady....."
*Luke* "She was. I probably would have gotten into less trouble as a teenager if she hadn't had died so suddenly..She was more of a parent than my Mom ever was."
*Laura* "Oh, Luke don't say that. You turned out just fine.....I love you exactly the way you are...." 
Luke kisses her softly then pulls back.
*Luke* "Mmmm....Ice cream...."
*Laura laughs* "Good. huh?"
*Luke* "Have any idea where we are going tonight?"
*Laura* " we never decided on a place....Oh! The baby just kicked!"
Laura takes his hand and Luke sits pulling her up onto his lap.
*Laura* " you feel it?" 
*Luke* "No..."
*Laura moves his hand down her belly*"Mmmm....I think the baby stopped kicking."
*Luke* "You look gorgeous....."
*Laura smiles* "Oooo!...there did you feel that one?"
 *Luke laughs* "Yeah! I think you gave him too much ice cream...."
*Laura* "Or her..."
They sit quietly for a moment just enjoying each other and waiting to see if the baby kicks again.
*Luke* "Where are they? It's taking them forever to get here..You sure they are on the way?"
*Laura* "Yeah, they should be...."
Luke slides her off his lap and then leans over.
*Luke* "I don't think they're coming lets just have our own little celebration.."
*Laura* "Luke! Your relentless, you know what the doctor said. I have to watch my blood pressure."
*Luke sighs* "I know....I know...I'll go slow."
*Laura smacks him on the top of his shoulder* " You are incorrigible, you know that? I'm sorry, Baby but, you're just gonna have to wait. I don't want to take any chances....."
Luke is about to plead his case again when the doorbell chimes.
*Luke* "Saved by the bell....."
*Laura* "I told you they would be here soon."
Luke gets up to answer the door and Laura too, so that she can greet them when they come in. Luke and Benjamin shake hands and strike up a conversation immediately.
Michelle embraces her sister in a warm and loving hug, then demands to see the ring on her finger.
*Michelle* "Oh, wow! It's pretty...So have you two decided on a date yet?"
*Laura* "Thanks....and no. We have been so busy with other stuff that I have been too tired to think about it."
*Michelle* "Mom isn't in your face about?"
*Laura* "Actually.....She has been so preoccupied with the other wedding stuff that she hasn't asked me about it."
  The girls continue to chat and catch up with each other. While Benjamin and Luke talk.
As everyone is in engrossed in conversation. Luke's phone chimes and vibrates with a text message.
He walks over to check what it is....
*Luke shocked by what it is* "How the f*cking hell did sh...?"
*Laura* "Luke, what is it? Is everything okay?"
*Luke looks up at her* "Huh? Oh, it's nothing sorry. Just a...."
*Laura* "What? Is it Jacob or something?"
Luke is about to speak again when his phone starts ringing.
He looks down at it. He does not recognize the number but he knows who it is.  He dismisses himself from the room, so he can take the call.  He takes the stairs two by two and answers the phone just in time.
*Luke in a hushed voice* "Rufus your f*cking crazy, you know that? How the hell did you get my number, anyways?"
*Rufus* "Awww! Didn't you like the pics I sent you?"
*Luke* "Hell! No! I deleted them the second I saw what it was. I told you the other day I moved on."
*Rufus completely dismisses what he just said* "You can have the real thing if you come over here...I'm waiting for you."
*Luke* "That sh*t isn't gonna work anymore... I don't want to be with you Rufus. I don't want to try. Nothing, none of that. Just give it up and move on...."
*Rufus* "If this is about the fact the you have a girlfriend, I'm okay with it. We can keep it a secret....."
*Luke* "Wow! You are completely delusional. I'm a one woman man now Rufus...." 
*Rufus* "Yeah, but she's just your girlfriend it's not like your married..."
*Luke frustrated* "Rufus...Don't call, text, write, whatever. I am not interested in getting back with you. And to make it more clear to you. I am getting married and on top of that she is pregnant with my baby. Goodbye Rufus!"
*Rufus* "What?! Hello? Luke?...."
But it's too late, Luke has already ended the call. A flood of guilt washes over him and he suddenly feels horrible. Luke flops down on the bed. He cannot believe she is here doing this to him. Of all the times to show up and she picks the worst most delicate of them all!
What bothers him even more is how did she know exactly where he would be that day in the park and how did she get his number. He just hopes she doesn't pop up somewhere with Laura around. He is afraid Laura might stress herself into an early labor. Luke gathers himself together and heads back downstairs.
*Benjamin* "Are we ready?"
*Luke* "Yeah, let's get outta here."
*Benjamin eyes him suspiciously* "Good. You look like you could use something to drink, so I'm driving."
*Luke* "Perfect. Where are we headed, Bull Tavern?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I guress and it's my treat so eat and drink all you want."
So everyone loads up in Benjamin's truck and heads out for dinner and drinks. Meanwhile back at Rufus's luxurious hotel room. She sits and pouts.
*Rufus talking to herself since there is no one else there* "What?! Ahhhh!...she didn't tell me he was getting married or that his girlfriend was having a baby...Her and I will have to have a little chat."
*Rufus* "Hmmmm....I think he is conflicted. Why else would he not have told me all about her the first time....Oh!...who are you kidding, Ru?! He has obviously moved on..."
She flops back onto the bed, daydreaming of how she could get him to change his mind.

You can check out Rufus's daydream on my Flickr 

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  1. I see Michelle changed a bit, she got prettier! It she Norhtwest Coast Barbie?
    Rufus seem much more interesting choice then Laura, can't deny it. Pity that Luke is such a homeboy now, but maybe Rufus still have some chance?

    1. Thanks! Yes I changed Michelle. The hair on my Basics 2.5 was becoming a huge nightmare to style with all that damn glue in her head. I found Northwest Coast Barbie at a Comic store and decided to make her the new Michelle :)
      So glad you are enjoying Rufus. She was originally my first choice for Luke. That's why I decided to write her in as his ex.. Besides what good soap doesn't have a love triangle :)

  2. He told her. Yaaay! lol Now I wonder who the snake is who is giving up all of the info! I have an idea but will wait. lol
    Going to see the daydream now.Adios!

    1. Haha! Yeah he did.....He is a bit frustrated with he already. But Rufus is not done with him yet :-)
      Hope you enjoy the daydream....

  3. This is some good story telling, I'm totally hooked! I have my suspicions of who the "she" is with the motor mouth, LOL. Poor Luke! I'm happy he told Rufus how serious his relationship is right before hanging up on her...she is relentless! I hate to admit that I love a good villain but she's got no Laura. ;-)

    Excited about next episode!

    1. Thanks Tracy :) So glad you are enjoying the story. There could be several possibilities of who is leaking info. Haha! She is a villain alright.
      More drama to follow soon...

  4. I so look forward to new episodes from you. I <3 Luke and Laura so much. Rufus better back off... I wonder if Luke's Mom could be the "she" not on purpose...She is the type that likes to talk...

    1. Hi JC!
      Thank you so much...Always enjoy hearing feedback and how everyone is enjoying the story :) Cyndi is a possibility but we'll have to wait to find out...

  5. Love that Laura seems to be enjoying her pregnancy. Poor Luke. This is going to get worse before it gets better. I'm hoping he won't have any weak moments. Rufus, you snooze, you lose. Now get to steppin'!

    1. Lol! I agree Rufus needs to get to steppin'. She is so used to getting what she wants so I am not sure she is quite done yet.
      Laura is very happy. It's starting to sink in more now that she is farther along.
      And Luke, well....he is in a rock and a hard place.

  6. Hi Miranda, this story is getting better and're right a good story needs a good villain and Rufus is perfect!

    1. Hello Billa's dolls,
      Thank you! So glad that you are enjoying the story. Rufus is just being Rufus.... Though, in her mind she is not a villain, just someone in love :)

  7. You are a born storyteller, this is so great!!! I love Laura's look with the headband. The daydream of Rufus is awesome!!! Let's hope for Laura's sake that it doesn't become reality! Now I'm so curious who Rufus is talking about...

    1. Awww Thanks Nymphaea! I never considered myself a good writer but I do read a lot. :) Plus I have always been a day dreamer. (like Rufus)
      Laura's headband was made by my Mother years ago. She made quite a few clothes for my dolls when I was a kid.
      All I can say is stay tuned! I have more to come.... :)

  8. Finally a new episiode!..."Just kidding...hugs" Luke and Laura are such the power couple and now that Rufus is around i think things are going to be getting interesting. You are amazing at telling stories and i look forward to each episode each week. You have given me inspiration to keep trying! :)

    1. Hehe! Thanks William.... It was hard to finish this one with the kids home for spring break last week but I plan to make it up and post another episode by Sunday.
      Things are gonna heat up some more before it cools off....I have been hashing it out for a while now and, how I want it all to go down. I just can't wait till it is all played out.
      I'm glad to hear you are inspired because I feel the same way when it comes to others like yourself who do photostories. To me it's a full package on being creative, from building dios, taking pics, dressing the dolls, and so on....

    2. I have a question, You said in an earlier comment that you were planning on making Luke a little more shall we say "manly" How is that coming along.

    3. Hehe! Yeah I did some work on him, I made him some "manly" parts :) They are removable though since I can't put clothes on him when it's in place. If you ever want to see pics let me know message me on Flickr.

    4. I just messaged you on Flickr :)

  9. Hi, I nominated your blog for the Versatile blog award:

  10. I really am gettin' tired of Rufus. maybe u could write in a part where she is suddenly gone not dead but just gone. Maybe have peter run away with her or something.

    1. You and so many others are frustrated with Rufus :) don't worry I have plans for her!