Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Things Never Change.....

It's Friday night and Luke has been given the green light to go ahead and spend the evening drinking and catching up with Peter.  So, Luke is getting ready to head out to Bull Tavern for the night and Laura is getting ready for bed. Cyndi has agreed to stay with Laura in case there is an emergency.
*Laura* "Do you really have to go?"
*Luke* "No....but it would be nice to just unwind for a bit and catch up with Peter."
*Laura* "Just make sure you answer your phone if I call you...."
*Luke* "I will, Babe...."
Laura pushes him back down onto the bed and she cuddles in next to him.
*Laura winces* "Your son is kicking me in the ribs....He is very fidgety tonight."
*Luke touches her belly* "You want me to stay? I can call Peter and tell him I can't make it...."
*Laura* "No....It's fine, you go and have a good time........"
 Over at Bull Tavern a group of college guys are enjoying the pool table and some cold beers.
Across the building, Aric is busy behind the bar, keeping a close eye on Hannah and her flirtatious behavior with Peter.
*Hannah* "Can I get you anything else?"
*Peter* "No....I'm good for now..." *he gives her his best smile*"Just waiting for a few others to show up..."
*Hannah* "Oh, Okay....."
*Peter* "No one special, just a couple of friends...."
*Hannah* "Is it business or pleasure?"
*Peter* "Business.....but the pleasure comes in when you come to the table..."
*Hannah giggles, then gives him her best smile* "Well, I better get back to work.....I'll be back to check on you..."
*Peter smiles* "Okay...."
As Hannah and Peter are talking a new face enters the bar. He makes his way towards Aric and orders a pitcher of beer and tells him to keep it coming.
The stranger points toward where he will be sitting and then turns and makes his way to the booth where Peter is sitting.
Hannah smiles and says hello to the talk dark stranger as he walks towards Peter. 
She is taken aback when she hears his deep, smooth voice say hello back to her, with a brooding, yet very serious scowl to his face.
 *Peter* "It's about damn time! You're a hard man to f*cking find Cade...."
*Cade* "Hello to you to Peter, has it ever occurred to you that maybe I didn't want to be found."
*Peter* "Well, I'm glad you're here.....Luke needs your help, though he won't admit it."
Back over at the bar Hannah is gathering the pitcher of beer and another mug for Peter's friend.
*Aric* "You be careful flirting with Peter...according to Luke he is up to his old ways again, since he broke things off with Fionna."
*Hannah* "I will, I'm a big girl Aric....."
*Aric* "Just a friendly warning, Hannah.....I don't know Peter all to well, so just be cautious."
Hannah smiles at Aric, she knows he is just being overly protective as if she were his little sister. She gathers the beer and heads back to the table.
*Hannah* "Hello! Is there anything else that I can get you?"
*Cade* "This will do for now, thank you...."
*Hannah* "Okay...." *she sets the pitcher and mug on the table*
As she is about to walk away Peter reaches out and softly 
grabs her arm.
*Peter* "Hey, can I get a big basket of those Cajun fries?"
*Hannah smiles* "Sure, I'll go put in the order...anything else?"
 *Peter* "No....that's it...." *he smiles* "Thanks, Hannah."
Hannah then smiles flattered he remembered her name then turns and walks to the kitchen.
*Cade* "On a first name basis with the waitress, huh? Some things never change...."
 *Peter* "And you're still a cranky son of bitch...."
 As Peter and Cade are continuing their endearing insults. Luke finally shows up at Bull Tavern. Parking his bike next to an all to familiar one.
Luke turns back to have a second look at the bike, then walks inside...Once he is in the bar and spots Peter, he knows exactly whose bike it is.
*Luke looking grim* "Cade....I see you're still driving the sh*tty bike....."
*Cade* "She's a good ride....I'm not ready to move on."
*Luke laughs* "Only you would say it like that, you treat that bike like it's your wife."
*Cade* "At least I know how to treat a woman, Cooper. I hear you're in trouble in that department."
*Luke temper flaring* "F*ck you! Cade....I didn't call you here."
*Cade laughs* "And there he is.....still talk to your mother with that mouth?"
The guys shake hands, tension still in the air between them, they smile at each other but it all seems to be forced pleasantries.
Luke smacks Peter on the arm and in his oh so polite way and tells him to move over.
*Peter* "Hell no! You sit by the window....."
*Luke* "You've always been my wing man so move over Peter...."
*Peter* "Not anymore you're tied down now, remember? Grab a chair, man."
 *Luke* "Just move already...."
*Cade laughs* "It's the same sh*t with you two....He wants to flirt with the waitress, Cooper...."
Luke doesn't bother asking again and squeezes in next to Peter.
He waves to Aric at the bar and Aric nods back.
Moments later Hannah comes back to their table with a beer for Luke and the basket of fries Peter ordered.
*Hannah* "Hi, everything going okay over here?"
*Peter* "Can I get some ketchup?"
*Hannah* "Sure! I"ll be right back...."
Luke and Cade meanwhile make faces at each other, the flirtatious behavior between these two almost has them gagging....
*Peter* "Thanks, Hannah...."
*Hannah* "Just doing my job....What about you guys you need anything else?"
*Luke* "No....were good."
Hannah nods and smiles then turns and walks away.
Luke turns to look at Peter.
*Luke* "What the f*ck was that Peter?"
*Cade* "I told you he was flirting with the waitress.."
*Peter* "What?...."
*Luke* "This is were we hang out....don't go ruining it for us cause you want to hook up with the waitress....Aric just hired her not too long ago."
*Peter* "Hey, don't bitch at me....she knows exactly what she is doing...." 
*Cade groans, frustrated* "Are we gonna talk about why I came down here or not? Cause if you don't want my help then I'll go...."
*Peter* "Of course we need your help....your the only one who could ever keep Rufus in line."
*Luke* "He's right.....You always did scare the sh*t out of her, even though you were a damn good bodyguard."
Just then their conversation is cut short, Aric comes to the table to check in on the guys and find out who Luke and Peter are talking to.
*Aric in his southern drawl* "How's it going over here?"
*Luke* "Hey, Aric....just catching up with some old friends. This is Cade...he used to be one Rufus' bodyguards back in the day."
*Aric* "Oh, really?......"
 *Cade* " have a great little establishment here. I can see why these two frequent it so much."
*Aric* "Why, thank you.....glad you are enjoying it...It was nice to meet ya, Cade."
*Cade* "Likewise...."
Aric excuses himself then heads back to manning the bar.
Cade picks up where they left off on the matter of dealing with Rufus.
*Cade* "Now, what's in it for me if I get rid of her?...."
*Luke* "A big f*cking thank you! know you still owe me from that last time I saved your ass"
*Cade* "You still remember that, huh?"
*Luke* "Of course I do! I nearly went to jail for it! The only one who didn't get lucky was that dumb ass mother f*cker Xavier....."
*Cade* "Yeah, but you were there.....I wasn't."
*Luke* "I had nothing to do with what you and Xavier where up to! You're damn lucky I never ratted you out!!"
Peter eats his fries while they hash over what happened in the past.
*Cade* "And I'm the one who got Rufus involved to help you out of we're even, Cooper. I don't owe you anything..."
*Luke* "You still owe me! It's your f*cking fault I was ever in a relationship with her. She used that sh*t to keep me tied to her for years!......"
Luke turns to speak to Peter....
 *Luke* "This is exactly why I didn't want to call him..."
*Peter* "Sorry, man but think about it. He is the only one who can truly get her out of your life for good...She's still calling you right?"
*Luke sighs* "Yeah she least she has been keeping her distance but I think she is waiting for the right time to pounce."
*Cade* "Listen up...this will be the last time I help you out Cooper then I don't ever want to hear from you again..."
 *Luke* "Ditto..."
 *Cade* "Good, now that we are on the same page, how do you want it resolved? Overdose? Attempted suicide? Tragic car accident?"
*Luke nearly spits out his beer* "What the f*ck, man!?" *he lowers his voice* " I don't want her dead...I just want her far, far away from here."
*Cade* "Fine....but my way would be a more permanent solution."
*Luke* "Since when did you get into that sh*t?"
 *Cade* "Some years back...It's a living and very lucrative as well....Hollywood always needs someone to clean up after their messes."
*Peter* "Holy sh*t! Cade! What happened to you?"
*Luke* "Yeah, we're not sick, twisted f*cks like you, some compassion."
Hannah comes back to the table with a big smile on her face and directly staring at Peter.

*Hannah* "Hello boys! You three doing okay?" *they nod* "Here's that ketchup you asked for, Peter...."
*Peter reaches for it* "Thanks..."
Hannah hands him the ketchup bottle and gently strokes the bottle's neck in a subdued, suggestive manner as she releases her grip.
 Every single one of them knows exactly what she is suggesting....She then smiles, turns and sashays away.
*Luke smiles* "I think you just got a glimpse into your future..."
*Peter smiles* "I'm not surprised, she's been hot for me since the minute I walked in."
*Luke* "Just don't go ruining sh*t for me....I like coming here."
*Peter* "Yeah, yeah, yeah....."
*Cade* "You two were always so easily distracted by the fairer sex, can we get back to business?"
*Luke* "Oh, like you don't get excited when a chick does sh*t like that?"
 *Cade* "Her? No. She's not my type..."
*Luke* "True, she is much too sweet for you...Maybe, you should hook up with Rufus."
*Cade laughs* "Rufus!..Ha! She could never handle me.....So, how do you want me to deal with her, Cooper?"
*Luke* "Just throw her over your shoulder and haul her ass outta here...I don't f*cking care about any details or any sh*t like that."
*Cade* "Fine....I call you when, it's over and done."
*Luke* "No! Don't f*cking call....I'll know she's gone when I stop getting phone calls from her."
*Cade* "Fair enough....
*Luke sighs* "I can't believe I just agreed to this sh*t...."

*Peter* "Don't feel bad for Rufus, man. Think about Laura and your baby boy. You don't want her crazy ass down here anymore, any where near both of them...."
*Cade* "Peter is right. Rufus has been obsessed with you from the minute she saw you all those years ago. I'm your only hope at this point."
*Peter* "Hey! What about Fionna? I believe she is still with Rufus....She will need to be dealt with as well."
*Luke* "Your right, it's her goddamn fault Rufus is down here in the first place. Make sure you pack her up with you as well. Last thing I need is her causing anymore trouble."
*Peter* "Yeah, I never want to see that little c*nt again. She was cheating on me with Rufus....and then on top of that scheming with her to help her seduce Luke.
*Cade wails in a fit of laughter* "Damn! You two always seem to find trouble with women...Fine I'll deal with this Fionna as well but your gonna owe me Peter....."
*Peter sighs* "Awe! C'mon....can't we just call it even?"
*Cade* "Unless you can pay me a substantial amount of money, then no, you owe me until I say you don't...."
*Peter* "F*ck! Fine! Just get them outta here..."
*Cade* "Good, it's all settled then?" *Luke and Peter both nod* "Well, then fellas let's drink and have some fun!...."
Cade looks as though he is ready to party now, his scowl going from grim to curious in a flash....Luke and Peter exchange looks and wonder what the hell did they just agree to.
 *Luke* "If we go down for any of this, I'm blaming it all on you..."
*Peter* "Fair enough, but you won't stop b*tching about Rufus! I had to do something...."
Cade gets up and turns his attention to the 3 young girls who have made themselves comfortable at the bar.
*Cade* "Looks like we found some fun for the night!..."
Cade gets up and strolls over to the bar. 
*Luke* "What the f*ck is he doing?"
*Peter* "How the hell should I know?"
*Luke* "Aww sh*t!  I think he's bringing them over here....Great!"
Peter meanwhile has been scoping out the dark haired beauty that is with the group of girls Cade is sweet talking.
*Peter* "Speak for yourself, man! That one is mine! She's f*cking hot!"
*Luke* "What about Hannah?"
*Peter* "I'm still game with her too...That red head is looking right at you!"
*Luke* "I can't stick around for this sh*t! Laura will have my head if she finds out about any of this...."
*Peter* "Then don't...We already got it all settled, anyways. Just wish it could be like old times with us..."

*Luke* "Sorry, Peter....I can't afford to screw sh*t up with Laura again...."
*Peter* "Yeah, I get it.....she's the love of your life..."
*Luke* "Just have fun and watch your back. I don't trust Cade..."
Luke wouldn't have minded being in a situation like this a couple years ago but things have changed. All he can see when he looks at those girls faces is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
Luke gets up from the table to go pay his tab, when
Cade stops him from leaving....
*Cade* "Your not thinking of leaving are you, Cooper?"
*Luke* "I'm going home....I can't be a part of and Peter have fun."
*Cade* "You want my help right?" *Luke nods* "Then your f*cking staying...."
*Luke* "Cade....I'm not that same guy you used to know...."
*Cade* "Tonight you are....I already told the red head, she can have you...The blond is mine."
*Luke getting angry* "I'm not interested, Cade!.....I already have a red head waiting at home for me..."
*Cade with calm forcefulness* "You walk away, Cooper...then our deal is off! Make your choice..."
 Luke flops down into the booth pissed and seething with anger. He really, really wants Rufus out of his life, but not sure if he is willing to risk it all like matter what he does he feels doomed. His past keeps coming back to haunt him some way or another..... Then the 3 girls gather their drinks and make their way towards them. Luke gets up and grabs a chair letting the girls take the booth with Peter and Cade....but the red head has other plans and takes a seat on Luke's lap....
Luke is already buzzing, from the amount of beer he has consumed and she catches him off guard.
*Girl* "Your cute! What's your name?...."
*Luke* "Get off of me!..."
*Girl pouts* "But I so wanna to be on you! Actually..... I want you on me!"
*The two other girls giggle and both say....* "Typical Desiree!!"
The night is just about to get interesting.....if it hasn't already

To be concluded in Part 2.


  1. Great episode! I enjoy seeing all of your little details like the business hours sign and the cuckoo clock.

    1. Hi!
      Thank you....this diorama was so much fun to put together :)

  2. Man luke has no luck does he! I sure hope that laura doesnt find this out. So the new guy is a hitman! Exciting.....Love ths episode.

    1. Hi Will!
      Lol! He sure doesn't, No matter what he does his past is following him....Luke feels the same way he does not want Laura finding out about any of this...
      Yeah, Cade is one mean guy....Luke and Peter were quite shocked to see the path he has chosen after working together for Rufus....
      So glad you enjoyed the episode :)

  3. Oh no, Luke needs to get that s!@t bucket off him. Cade is a real piece of work, with friends like him who needs enemies? I hope Luke realizes that that deal should be null and void if he has to do something that may jeopardize his relationship. This looks like a blackmail set up. Oh I wish Cyndi would show up looking for him and tell those heifers to beat it. Luke think of Laura and Phoenix!

    1. I agree Luke is in some serious trouble if he continues on. Cade is not backing down and definitely making it harder on him. More to come :)

  4. This was sooooooo good! You did a great job keeping Cade a mystery by shooting him from behind. I was originally thinking he was that Raiders Ken put on an HD body but then I thought, it could be any Ken with a root job. ;-). That Cade is something else! Peter and Luke should be worried, especially Peter since he's gonna owe Cade. His character (Cade) reminds me of the character Rosie from Point Break (one of my fav movies). He was way more up for snipin' folks than Patrick Swayze's character and the other surfers. This was awesome, Miranda! I hope you're feeling much better and I am so looking forward to part II. I've got my sister hooked on your blog and she's not even a collector, lol.

    1. Oh wait...isn't that Benji's dad in the background? Oh,!

    2. Hi Tracy :)
      Glad you enjoyed it.....I have been dying to show everyone Cade but didn't want to spoil it. When I found him at the toy show I wasn't sure what I would do with him but then I gave him a new body and some tats and I was like this is one mean looking Dude!....
      I love Point Break! Keanu was one of my teenage crushes... :)
      I had to refresh my memory on who Rosie was but yeah you're right Cade does thrive of off that....
      I agree Peter should be worried but I think him and Luke are a bit too drunk to make wise decisions at this point.
      Yes! It is Benjamin's Dad! But he has never met Luke. What would really be bad for Luke is if Benjamin shows up with Michelle......

    3. Thanks I am feeling a lot better :) last week was a real downer but I'm better now :) and I am so flattered that your sister enjoys it :) especially since she is not a doll collector....
      Now I gotta go work on that second half of the episode

  5. That will leave luke be seduced by the "Redhead Girl" haha
    "Cade" loved he's a bad boy!

    1. I don't know he seemed pretty upset she sat on his lap....
      We'll find out how the rest of the night went soon :)
      Cade is a real bad boy, I agree.....He just seem so perfect for the role :)

  6. Hola, que intriga, espero Luke salga bien librado de esto.
    Bonito diorama, bellas fotos.
    Hasta pronto.

    1. Hola Linda
      Lucas es de alguna gran problema con Cade. No está seguro de lo que está pensando en el momento pero las cosas no van bien. Tener en observación para descubrir! :)

  7. Is part two coming out next friday?? so excited!!!!!

    1. I hope to post it sooner than that so I can catch up....,
      Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    2. ur welcome.. I'm in love with blogs like these.. but i don't want you to think I'm rushing you

  8. Hi.. what do you do for the pregnant Laura body?