Monday, October 27, 2014

The Reception....Part 3

So, after Peter was sent outside to cool off. Everyone continues to mingle and enjoy themselves. Isolde and James take to a game of pool.
While Michelle and Benjamin, sit back down with Penelope, they decide to not let her get to them and enjoy the remainder of evening.
Laura sits with Cyndi and Cherry for awhile. Laura and Cynthia became much closer during the months, she was laid up in bed still pregnant with Phoenix.
Back over at the bar, Aric inquires as to where Hannah has
disappeared off to.
 *Aric* "Where's Hannah?"
*Sable* "I believe she went on break..."

 But as they are talking about her Peter comes through the back door and Aric knows now where she's been. Isolde and James turn and look in his direction as he makes way back to the party.
*James* "You cool now?"
*Peter smiles* "Yeah, I'm good man...."

Peter sets off to look for Luke, while at the front of the bar Penelope has decided she's overstayed her welcome.  
She kindly says goodnight to them...
Then heads off to find Laura. 
Behind Michelle and Benjamin, Luke and Peter are talking. Peter is of course telling Luke about Hannah.
 *Luke* "Just be careful...She's a sweet girl, don't go breaking her heart."
*Peter* "Sweet! Sh*t, she came looking for me..."
*Luke* "Come on Peter, she's young and you know better. Just be careful..."

 *Peter grabbing himself* "Yeah? Well tell that to my f*cki..."
*Luke nodding in Hannah's direction* "Shhh!....she just walked in."
Hannah knows they were talking about her but she keeps on walking...
 Hannah smiles looking in their direction, feeling quite satisfied with what just happened between her and Peter. Luke can't take the awkwardness and speaks as she passes by them.
 *Luke* "Aric's been looking for you, Hannah."

 Hannah's smile disappears and she heads straight for the bar and hopes she's not in too much trouble. 
 Hannah makes it over to the bar, while Sable checks on everyone. Penelope is with Laura, 
saying her goodbyes and congratulations.
*Penelope* "I'm gonna go ahead go. I gotta be at work in a bit."
*Laura* "Right now? It's so late already..."
*Penelope* "I'm working a late shift tonight."
*Laura smiles* "Okay, I am so glad you came!...."
*Penelope smiles* "Met too, we should do brunch sometime. Just you, me, and this little guy."
*Laura* "Yeah! Just call me..."
While Penelope and Laura say their final goodbyes. Hannah gets a good lecture from Roxie and Aric.
*Roxie* "Sweetie, he is not the kind of guy you want to fall for."
*Aric* "She's right....and we can't have you sneaking off with the customers either."
*Roxie* "We'll let it go this time since it's a small gathering but you cannot act like this during regular business hours....Okay?"
*Hannah* "I'm sorry it won't happen again..."
*Roxie* "Good...Now go check on everyone in the back and avoid Peter, then head into the kitchen to help with clean up...."
Hannah does as she is told and Laura comes to say hi to Roxie.
*Roxie* "Oh look at him....He is sacked out."
*Laura* "He's pretty tired been up for awhile now...Everything okay with Hannah?"
*Roxie* "Yeah, it's fine. She is just a little distracted by Peter."
*Laura* "Ah! Okay..."
*Roxie* "You hungry? I can get you a salad. You should eat while he's sleeping."
*Laura* "Yes, please that would be nice..."
So Laura heads over to the table with her parents while she waits for Roxie to bring her food out.
*Scott* "Darlin' your Mama and I are gonna head home. I got an early meeting tomorrow."
*Laura* "Okay..."
*Krystal* "Is Michelle gonna babysit?"
*Laura* "I think so..."
*Vanessa chimes in* "You deserve a night off, Sweetie....."
Luke gets called over to the table to say 
goodnight to everyone.
*Scott smiles* "Luke, you did good, son...I think you got yourself quite a lady..."
*Luke smiles* "I couldn't agree more. You two raised an amazing woman."
*Scott* "Well, we're gonna get outta here. Vanessa and Kyle are
coming home with us...."
*Vanessa* "We're staying for a couple days... so bring that handsome
little fella by before we leave."
After Scott, Krystal, Kyle, and Vanessa leave for the night so does Cherry, the justice of the peace.
So Luke and Laura claim their place in the booth while Laura eats. Cynthia has also decided to call it a night. She comes over to say goodbye.
*Cynthia* "Well, I think I'm gonna go on home...."
*Luke* "So soon? No more all nighter's for you?" 
*Cynthia* "Are you kidding me? A woman needs her beauty rest."
*Brooklyn* "Yeah, I think I'm gonna head out too. I gotta work
the early shift tomorrow at the shop."
Cynthia quickly before Luke can duck his head away, 
kisses him on the forehead.
*Cynthia* "Mwah!"
*Luke* "Ah! Really?!...That's still disgusting you know?"
*Cynthia* "I don't care...your still my baby. Don't worry you'll still feel that same
way about Phoenix as the years go by."
*Luke* "I wouldn't kiss him! Not if he was my age..."
*Cynthia* "Whatever...goodnight you two."
So Cynthia and Brooklyn leave, everyone gets back to talking.
Laura is curious about Shaun as well as Amari.
*Laura* "So exactly do you know my husband?"
Luke smiles he likes the sound of those words coming out of her mouth "My Husband". Laura gently squeezes his leg, responding to his reaction.
*Shaun* "Well I of course toured with him and Rock Candy."
*Laura* "Right. But you were a musician weren't you not a stage hand?"
*Shaun* "Yeah, I was in the band. I played bass guitar."
*Amari* "That's why you looked so familiar!"
*Shaun smiles* "Is that why you kept staring at me like I was an enigma?"
*Amari blushes a little* "Yeeeaah, I just....I knew I'd seen you somewhere.
So you knew Rufus Blue?"
*Shaun* "Yeah I knew her...It's a shame she let it all go down
the drain. She was talented."
*Amari* "Yeah, she got sick or something?..."
*Shaun* "Sick would be an understatement....She went off the deep end."
*Amari pointing at Luke* "Oh! You dated Rufus, right?"
*Luke clears his throat* "Yeah...I did."
*Laura* "Can we not talk about, her?"
*Luke pulling her close* "Of course, Babe...."
He kisses the top of her head and they find something else to talk about. Luke would rather not talk about her either, feeling pangs of guilt wash over him, regretting the decision to go to her hotel room that day. Down at the back of the bar, Isolde is playing against Peter at a game of pool.
*Peter* "So Luke, taught you some tricks?"
*Isolde* "Yeah, he did."
*Peter* "He was always the best player when we were touring...When
he wasn't working or banging Rufus, he was usually playing pool."
*Isolde* "You had to throw that in there..."
*James* "Yeah a little too much info there, Peter..."
*Peter* "What!? It's true! If Luke had never met Laura, things would be a lot different.
He would be a lot different."
*Isolde* "Does it bother you that much, that your best friend found someone?"
*Peter* "Maybe...A little."
*Isolde* "Did Luke ever tell you I was the one that introduced them..."
*Peter almost chokes on his beer* "Your f*cking with me right?"
*Isolde* "Do I look like I am?"
*Peter* "Sh*t...maybe you shoulda been the best man."
  While Peter is still adjusting to the fact that his best friend has gotten married and chosen to settle down.
Michelle comes to see if Laura is gonna let her take 
Phoenix for the night. 
*Michelle* "So are we gonna get to take Phoenix for the night?"
 *Laura* "Um....Yeah....I don't see why not."
*Michelle* "Okay...well we're ready to head home..."
Laura turns to Luke having second thoughts about it.
*Luke* "It'll be fine Babe, it's just one night. I'm sure your sister
 will call us if she needs to."
*Michelle* "Definitely...and you can call me too if you need to, anytime."
*Laura* "Okay....then I guess we better go before it gets later."
*Luke smiles* "Then let's get outta here..."
As they all talk, Shaun takes the chance 
to speak to Amari.
*Shaun* "I never got your name..."
*Amari* "Amari....Laura is my cousin."
*Shaun* "Amari....Lovely name."
*Shaun* "It looks like things are winding down here, you wanna find a coffee
 shop and hang out for awhile?"
*Amari* "Yeah, sure...I know a place not far from here, we could walk."
*Shaun* "Okay..."
Everyone gathers in the back of the bar to say goodnight to 
Luke and Laura. 
*Luke* "I just want to thank Aric and Roxie for hosting the reception."
*Aric* "It was my pleasure...."
*Luke* "Thank you all for coming....
Everyone congratulates them and says 
goodnight to them as well. 
While, Amari sits with Michelle, who has Phoenix with her. They take a quiet moment to talk to each other.
 *Amari* "So you're gonna babysit him, huh? He is so sweet....I guess we can't hangout then."
*Michelle* "Yeah, we're gonna take him home. Your staying for a couple days right?"
*Amari* "Mmhmmm, Yeah..."
*Michelle* "Do you need a ride to my parents?"
*Amari* "No, I'm gonna walk with Shaun to that coffee shop a couple blocks down."
*Michelle smiles* "Oh, Okay... Have fun...just be careful."
*Amari* "Oh I will, I'll take a cab home to your parents later...."
After Luke and Laura leave for the evening, everyone 
starts to make their exits as well....

Aric, Roxie, Hannah, and Sable stay behind to finish 
clean up, then call it a night. 
Amari and Shaun walk and talk on their way to the 
late night coffee shop. 
Isolde, James and Peter walk out together then go their
 separate ways once they chat for awhile outside....
Of course Michelle and Benjamin make it home safe 
and sound with Phoenix...
And Last Luke and Laura make it home to a very quiet house.
*Luke* "Upstairs?"
Laura nods smiling in response to his question. 
Luke heads straight for the stairs not wanting to put her down, he carries her all the way upstairs.
It's been a very long time since they have had a night alone.
And upstairs is where they stay for the rest of the 
night in each others arms.
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  1. A great episode Miranda! I'm going to follow you on Flickr too, the short stories sound great to follow :-)! xx

    1. Hi and Thank you! It took me forever to get through these episodes. Just glad it's all over :)
      Yes I am always posting on Flickr. sometimes a short story is nice to add in between :)

  2. A fitting end to the wedding and reception. There was just enough drama to draw you in, but not so much as to spoil the wedding. Great Job! I am sure, however, that there will be some drama coming up with Rufus and Luke's issues. Looking forward to more on Michelle and Benjamin. I think they are my favorite couple. I am following you on Flickr now too.

    1. Thanks so much Phyllis. Yeah I didn't want to add too much drama just yet. They always say there's the calm before the storm. So just gotta see how that all goes down :)
      Me too I am looking forward to having some more episodes with Michelle and Benjamin. They are one of my faves as well. :)

  3. it was a lovely reception. i'm glad there was no more drama. now the newlyweds can enjoy their honeymoon.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thanks so much....I was hard to coordinate all the action going on in that bar lol! So glad to be done with it ;-) They are quite happy to alone for the moment even if it's just one night. :) Laura is not gonna want to be away from Phoenix for too long....

  4. Wow! That ending "felt" so peaceful! The whole episode had such a natural flow. I am very happy for the newlyweds. Looks like everyone had a great time and there may be a couple of new relationships springing up!. :-)

    1. Awww thank you so much....I am so glad the ending of their series went well. I really struggled with the back and forth between all the dolls. There maybe some new relationships.......we'll see how it goes :)

  5. I've just found your blog and I think it's really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow, it will be a pleasure to follow you back! :) <3

    Never too old for dolls.

    1. Hi and thank you so much! It always nice when we can inspire each other!
      I visited your blog and subscribed!
      I try to post weekly between Friday and Sunday so check back! :)