Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Reception.....Part 1

The reception is going to be in small short episodes. I will post another tomorrow evening. I would have liked to do it all in one shot but I have been busy with a lot of other stuff as well. They say multi-tasking is bad for you but I can't function if I'm not keeping busy! lol!

We start off with Aric and Roxie, they are both in their element, they love to work in their bar. So when they had the opportunity to throw this wedding reception they took it. Plus, they really wanted to do something nice for Luke and Laura.
*Aric* "Everything running smooth in the kitchen."
*Roxie* "Yup! How about you?"
*Aric* "I'm good...."
 In one of the booths Krystal sits with Mrs. Cherry Jackson, 
while Sable takes their order.
*Cherry* "I'll take a salad..."
*Sable* "Okay....anything else I can get ya?"
 Krystal continues to look over the menu, 
she can't decide what to get. 
Across the room at another booth sits the Lavigne's and 
  Krystal's brother Kyle and his wife Vanessa. They are Amari's parents.
 *Vanessa* "I'm sorry we missed the ceremony. These damn airlines can never keep a plane on schedule anymore...."
 *Krystal* "It's quite alright, I'm sure the girls will be happy to see you...."
*Vanessa* "Yes, It's been such a long time since we got together...."
In the back of the bar all young folk hangout. Peter and Shaun have struck up a game of pool. While Isolde and James watch them play. Amari and Brooklyn sit quietly sipping some cocktails, Aric fixed up for them on their way in...

 Hannah is bringing some beers for the rest of them. She struts into the back room, her boots clapping against the wood floor,and Peter watching her every move. She made sure to dress extra sexy, she knew he was gonna be here. Despite what went down a few months ago, she still has the hots for Peter. 
*Peter* "Hey, look pretty tonight."
*Hannah* "Thanks, Peter.....
While Peter flirts with Hannah, Amari cannot stop 
looking in Shaun's direction.

Brooklyn waves her hand in front of her to 
break her trance.
 *Brooklyn* "Hello!! Earth to Amari! Hey snap out of it!"
*Amari* "Damn! He is fine....but so familiar....where have I seen him?"
Shaun is too busy to notice he is being watched. James sits with Isolde while he tells him what he thinks his next move should be.
 While everyone is getting settled in a few more finally make their way to Bull Tavern.

 *Benjamin* "I can't believe how much sh*t you gotta take around 
with you for one teeny tiny baby!"
*Luke* "Tell me about....It took us like an hour to just get out the door the 
first time we took him somewhere."

*Laura* "Did she say she was coming to the reception?"
*Michelle* "Sort of. I just said we would talk later....she said okay."
So they all head inside to see who is here. Luke and Laura stop to say hello to Laura's family first to show off baby Phoenix.
 *Vanessa* "Oh, he is just adorable! How many months is he now?"
*Laura* "Thanks, he's 3 months....."
*Vanessa* "Amari, told me the ceremony was lovely, I'm sorry we missed it, but our flight got delayed."
*Laura* "It's okay....I'm glad ya'll still made it safely."

 *Kyle* "Nice to finally put a face to man who married my niece...Cogratulations."
*Luke* "Thanks....It's nice to meet you as well...."
While Luke and Laura, mingle. Michelle and Benjamin still linger by the door in each others arms.
*Benjamin* "Where you wanna sit, Darlin'?"
*Michelle* "That last booth would be nice."
Then the last and final guest arrives...

 She walks along the sidewalk glancing through the window.

Then makes her way through 
the door.....

Running into Benjamin and Michelle.

 *Penelope* "Hi!"
*Michelle* "Hey, Penelope....We're gonna get a drink, you want one?"
 *Penelope* "Sure!...."

To be continued tomorrow!!!


  1. Arggg! Be careful Michelle!
    I like the atmosphere. It is cool the way the whole occasion is unconventional. I hope nobody messes it up...on pins and needles. LOL

    1. Lol! I don't think Michelle will let her guard down that easily. She knows Penelope quite well.
      I didn't want a stuffy and formal wedding for these two. It's just not them :)
      More to come so we'll see how the night plays out ;-)

  2. i don't trust penelope. i said it's going to be drama. i can't wait.

    1. And neither does Michelle :)
      Just gotta see how the evening goes :) more to come!
      Glad you are enjoying it!

  3. I must say that I am so happy you find time to create these stories and fabulous diorama sets and blog for us to enjoy. I have every intention to start up with this hobby again but until I can get my kid's placement really set...I've had to put it on hold several times. I know I say this a lot but I really enjoy your story telling. It's definitely become like a webisode. Anyway, I'm happy to be able to find inspiration in everyone's posts and Flickr pics whenever I need it. So, thanks. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Tracy!
      Your comments and feedback mean a lot to me :) it is very inspiring and encouraging to know there are others out there who enjoy this hobby the way I do.
      I understand family and kids come first. If I had a 9-5 job I'm sure things would be different for me, I'm sure. I had a rough year last year with my kids' old school. My son has a learning disability and they were not doing what they needed to do to help him. So last year I was able to just getaway from all that with my doll stories and it helped a lot. This year they are in a new school and both of them are so much happier and my son is doing so much better. :) I hope you find a chance to do a little something here n there. It's a great way to escape and I also can't wait to see what you have done so far!
      I am truly flattered you enjoy it so much :) I wish I had time to post more so many ideas always running through my head.. I agree it's nice we are able to have this online community of doll collectors. It is also where I have found so much inspiration :)

    2. I know what you mean about the district not doing what they're supposed to do. My daughter has high functioning Autism and her district kept calling her struggle with writing words backwards, upside down "lazy compliance" when we just learned after an official assessment yesterday that she's farsighted and suffers from eye pain, dizziness and headaches when writing/reading. I can't wait to rip them a new one during her next IEP.

      This doll thing definitely takes me away from the bs too. :-)

  4. Bull Tavern is really looking good. This style of reception suits the happy couple. Still on pins and needles waiting to see what "fireworks" you have planned! I see a few things going on that are ripe for an explosion! LOL!

    I also know what you and Tracy mean about job and family coming first. I really wasn't able to do much with my dolls until recently after being off of work for a while. My kids are now older (1 in college and 1 in high school), but they still come first, but are more self sufficient which gives me more time to do doll stuff. My youngest daughter has even commented on how much happier I seem since I have been able to work on dioramas while she is in school and with being creative and all. She still has her Barbies and wants me to put a house together with my dolls for her dolls. I am so happy to be a part of this online doll community and see the wonderfully creative photos, dios and stories done by so many creative individuals. It is truly inspiring!

    1. thank you Phyllis :) bull tavern has been a lot of work but I am happy with the results.
      Yeah sometimes I just wish I could get lost for hours with my dolls even days but I gotta come back to reality. I agree it's puts a little smile on my face to know I got my dolls to play with :)

  5. Penelope just won't go away. Maybe she is being sincere...I don't know. She probably wants to get Benjamin back for doing what he did to her...or Michelle even since she was in on it as well. Michelle nor Ben needs to let their guards down with this one.

    Great scenes by the way!

    1. Penelope is a piece of work for sure! I just posted th next episode if you want to see how it went down ;-)