Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Invited...Who?!

This is just quick short little story before the wedding on Sunday!....

Laura and Michelle are taking one of their weekly walks 
through the park. 
The girls are trying to get nice and fit before the wedding....
*Laura* "You'll never guess who called me the other day..."
*Michelle hates guessing* "Who?!..."
*Laura* "Penelope...."
*Michelle* "Really?!
*Laura* 'Yeah....She said she saw Mom and Dad at Ma Cherie last weekend. She said hi to Mom 
and Mom told her to give me a call."
*Michelle* "Wow! I'm surprised she called you....."
*Michelle* "So, what'd ya'll talk about?"
*Laura* "Oh....just whats going on with each other....
*Laura* "I told her about Phoenix and the wedding.
 So, I went ahead and invited her..."
Laura squeezes in that last part hoping 
Michelle won't freak out.....
....But she does.
*Michelle* "You what?!...Why would you do this?"
*Laura* "Calm down....She was always my friend before she was ever yours...and it's my wedding! I always thought she would be one of my brides maids, but that just didn't happen. So it's nice to at least have her there."
Michelle grumbles under breath, Laura pushes the stroller to the other side of the bench so she can sit. She has a feeling Michelle isn't done ranting about this newly sprung last minute info.
*Michelle* "Please tell me your joking? She is gonna be all over Benjamin!"
*Laura* "No, I'm not joking and it'll be fine. She said she was happy for you two and that she's moved on."
They both take a seat on the bench, while Laura takes care of Phoenix who is starting to fuss cause they have stopped walking.
*Michelle* "And you believed her?!"
*Laura* "Yes. I think you should too. It's been over a year now since all that stuff with Benjamin happened."
*Michelle* "I don't know....this is gonna be so awkward!"
 *Laura* "Only if you let it be. Just be yourself with Benjamin and don't worry about Penelope. Besides, Benjamin only has eyes for you. I have seen the way he looks at you plenty of times. He loves you, Sis."
Laura turns her attention back to Phoenix.
 *Michelle* "Gahh! Fine, fine!...but I still don't like it."
*Laura* "Good, cause you weren't gonna talk me out of it anyways....."
 Michelle lounges back day dreaming for a second about how it's gonna be seeing Penelope again after all this time. Wondering if she and her can be adults about all of this and get past what happened.
*Laura* "Hey...You want to hear something funny?'
*Michelle* "What?"
*Laura* "When I came home from Mom's on Sunday. Luke and Peter and some other guy I forget his name. Well, they were completely wasted and high. I found them out on the patio. "
*Michelle* "Really?! Did you flip out?"
*Laura* "Yes, of course, you know I did. Plus, I had called him like a dozen times and never answered....So when I found them out on the patio, Luke looked like a deer caught in the headlights."
*Michelle laughs* "Ha! Busted!..."
 *Laura* "Yeah, but you know what?" *She smiles* "He's kinda cute like that....all dazed and confused."
Laura stands to push Phoenix back and forth.
*Michelle giggles* "You've got it so bad....good thing your marrying him."
*Laura sighs* "Yeeeaah..... I don't think I could ever live without him. Even though he drives me mad sometimes..."
*Michelle* "I'm glad your happy....and I know exactly how you feel."
*Laura smiles* "Thanks, ready to head back to the house?"
*Michelle* "Yup! Let's go...."

The End....For Now!

I want to give a shout out to my fellow blogger 
He's got a great new story starting on a new blog...
Here is the link to check it out!


  1. All I can say is (said calmly)...Penelope had better behave at this wedding!! (now shouting! lol)

    1. By the way the set and the way you posed the characters are awesommmme!

    2. Hi and thank you! I have been working a lot to get this set ready in time for the wedding.
      I agree Penelope had better behave....but I have no control sometimes over what these dolls might do lol!

  2. The park turned out great! Will you be using some part of it as the wedding scenery? It looks nice. I hope Penelope behaves too. That would be so rude of her to get there and act crazy.

    1. Thanks and yes this will be used for the wedding.
      I agree it would be rude and I do think she knows better....just gotta wait n see :)

  3. i have a feeling it's going to be some drama. looking forward to it.

    1. All I can on that is you'll get to find out tomorrow!

  4. The park scenes are great! Let's hope that Penelope has really grown some. This could be drama filled if she chooses to act out. Lol!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      It sure could be if she chooses to make a scene. Penelope was upset about it all let's hope she's gotten over it.

  5. Hello from Spain: a true story. Awesome park. I love the bench. The baby chair is fabulous. Great photos. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Thank you the park has been a lot of work but glad to be done with it it was a messy job :)
      The bench was a thrift store find. I alters an old baby carseT to make it look more real and up to date. :)

  6. did an amazing job on the park. Poor Michelle. I don't think she has anything to worry about with Benjamin but we'll have to see just how "moved on" Penelope is. ��

    1. Hi Tracy :)
      Thanks the park is something I have been wanting to build for a while. Hope to impove on it more re as time goes on.
      Michelle is panicking things kinda soured with Penelope after she fell for Benjamin.

  7. Love the park and they both look so cute in their outfits.