Friday, July 1, 2016

Peter's Birthday Party at the Tomb...Part 2

I thought I was gonna get this episode done sooner but it just didn't happen and so I ended up shortening it. Which I think worked better than my original plan. So this one is a super quickie easy one to read. hehe!
If you want a refresher here's the link
Part 1 

Picking up where we left off Coco has just come into Peter's office, after shooing everyone away including Hannah. Peter and Coco are now alone, and she's got a real serious look on her face...
*Peter* "So am I in trouble?..."
 *Coco* "Nikki sent me in here to check on you. You know we love ya Peeta, but 
you can't be picking fights with customers!..."
 *Peter* "I know, I know...I just I got so fucking mad seeing her there, and with her ex!..."
*Coco* "Yeah I know, but still you gotta have more restraint, Peeta. It's obvious Willow still means a whole lot to you n I ah understand you're ah still tryna get ova her, but you..."
But Peter interrupts before she can finish her sentence.
 *Peter* "Over her?! I am over her, she's the one who had to come back here and flaunt her fucking ex-boyfriend in my face!...She knows, and he knows, he's second choice."
 Coco knows Peter quite well after working with him all these years and it's obvious he's still getting over, Willow but he'll never admit to it, nor will he ever take her back. Both of them are very similar, strong willed and full of shit but she knows she's got him beat.
 *Coco* "Second choice to what Peeta? You n your big dick?! Ahahahaha!
Yeah that's right, we all heard ya say it..."
Peter shrugs his shoulders. 
*Peter* "It's a known fact, baby..."
*Coco continues* "You really think women are gonna choose your drunk, stupid ass ova ah clean cut, well dressed, well mannered hunk?..."
*Peter* "You don't know, shit Coco! You have no idea what happened between us..." 
*Coco* "I know you're full of shit!..."
Coco smacks her hands at his feet knocking them off the desk, and nearly causing Peter to fall off his chair.
He gets up and stands face to face with her.
*Peter* "Full of shit?! Don't stand here and fucking lecture me about relationships!  When you're just as bad as me! Not once have I seen you date a guy longer than a month."
*Coco* "Oh we ain't here to talk about me, Hun'! You're the one who's gotta flaunt his big....Uh 'ego' n pick uh fight with the customers!!!"
 *Peter* "My big 'ego' is why Willow left him in the first place. Everything I said to that pencil dick was true! Willow knows it. He knows it. And I know it."
*Coco* "Peeta!...Women want more than just..."
Coco puts her hand up on his chest to try and calm him. She understands he was mad, but it still doesn't excuse his behavior. She lets it linger there a while noticing he's well built underneath that tank. Her imagination starting to get the better of her.
  She pulls herself back to reality and finally speaks.
*Coco* "Ahem! Uh now where was I?..Oh!..."
Peter picks up on it immediately...
*Peter* "You're fucking checking me out!..."
*Coco* "What?! No! No, I most certainly ain't!"
*Peter smirks* "It wouldn't be the first time, I've seen you
doing it before.."
This time Coco smacks him on the chest, he's definitely hot and sexy and the conversation went from lecture to flirty in a heartbeat. But being her sister's employee, she didn't want to mix business with pleasure, so she's always kept those feeling on the back burner.
*Coco* "That's bullshit!...I ain't eva...none of that with employees!"
*Peter* "Okay, okay! It's normal, we've all done it..."
Coco begins to walk away, she needs to get some distance between them, her and Peter can both feel the tension, they always have but have never acted on it. But somehow today it's all coming out.
 *Coco* 'Peeta, just promise me this won't happen ah-gain. We'd hate ta loose you ova somethang so petty and childish. And Nikki will ah have my hide too if ya don't, so ya betta mean it!"
  *Peter* "Coco?.."
She stops and turns, she likes how he says her name. 
Damn it girl! She thinks. Stop going there!
*Coco* "Yeah, Peeta?..."
 *Peter* "I'm sorry I lost my shit, it won't happen again, I promise..."
 *Coco* "Mmmhmm, you damn right it won't..."
*Peter* "Or you'll come spank my ass?!"
*Coco* "I'd do more that spank that ass..."
Then she turns and walks away.
*Peter speaking louder* "Maybe I should break that promise then?!"
*Coco*  "Oh, I ah don't think you could handle me, Honey..."
*Peter* "Is that a challenge?...Cause I aim to please Miss Williams!"
Coco doesn't respond, she mumbles under breath and walks through the door, out of his office, down the hall, and back out to the main floor of the nightclub.
Getting involved with Peter would be a bad idea! Nikki would totally flip her lid if she found out...
And while these two were talking, Shaun and Amari had a moment to themselves. If you'd like to view it, it si on my tumblr account

Well it looks like Peter's Birthday went pretty good! lol! Hoping to post another episode again soon!
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  1. No, Coco, no! Don't do it! Leave Peter alone. You can do better.

    I saw the encounter with Shaun and Amari. Hot!

  2. She definitely curious! If he wasn't such a whore I'd say go for it! Lololol

  3. Peter is so full of himself...and I'm here for every minute of it! LOL...I'm really diggin' the chemistry between CoCo and Peeter. I'm not scar for her either. Somehow...I think she can handle him real good. ;-)

    Live it! Can't wait to see next episode

  4. I was wondering if Coco had an accent?

  5. I don't think it's a good idea for any woman to get involved with Peter, but on the other hand, I can see Coco straightening him out real good and making a proper man out of him.

  6. What can I say? Another great episode! I could hear Coco's Jersey accent, right? Undeniable chemistry between those two! I agree with Tracy, I think Coco could handle Peter and maybe even put him in his place!

    I also went to see Amari and Shaun afterdark. Delightful!