Friday, August 12, 2016

Baby Bump...

Just a short story to keep everyone in the loop, I hope to be back sometime late fall, I still have a kitchen remodel to finish but it's been slow going with the kids home for summer break. They will be starting back up at school in a week and I hope I can devote some more time to that diorama after that. 
 Laura is coming along now in her pregnancy and 
Phoenix has gotten quite curious of Mama's growing belly. So, Luke and Laura attempt to explain to him what is going on...
 Laura lifts her shirt to show Phoenix her small 
round belly that is beginning to show.
 *Laura* "Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy..."
She taps her tummy and Phoenix reaches out.
*Phoenix* "Ba-by?..."
But he is a tad confused, he doesn't see a baby... 
Luke reaches out and touches Laura's taught, round little belly. 
 *Luke* "We can't see the baby right now, but he's in there. Then when he 
gets big enough to come out of there Mommy will go to the hospital so she can give birth..."
*Laura* "He?...Could be a she, for all we know..."
 *Luke* "True, but Phoenix and I are hoping for a boy..."
*Laura* "Is that right?..."
Laura climbs onto his lap.
*Laura* "Don't you want a sweet little girl, to dress in cute little outfits 
and bounce up and down on your knee?"
 *Luke smiles* "Sure...but I'm happy no matter what babe, 
as long as he or she is healthy and strong."
*Laura smiles back* "I agree...Happy, healthy baby is really all that matters."
*Phoenix* "Ma!! Ma! Baby!!! I see baby!?!"
Phoenix is still wondering why he can't the see the baby...but soon enough he will! And they will begin life as a family of 4...
Congrats to Luke and Laura!
Laura is now moving on into her second trimester, the nausea has subsided and she's feeling good! Baby number 2 is officially on the way!
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  1. Nice little baby bump Laura has there! Such a cute little story. Thanks for filling us in on what's going on. When you said you were doing a kitchen remodel, I thought you were talking about your full size kitchen and then realized you were talking about 1:6 scale. Who is getting the new kitchen?

  2. I hope it's a girl! How did you do the baby bump? Maybe some photoshop?

  3. could Laura please have an upset tummy @times. could u do a scene where Phoenix follows Laura into the bathroom like toddlers do.Its so cute!!!

  4. Good job with the baby bump. My ladies will probably never be able to show their baby bellies with me to rely on. I agree with Phyllis. At first I thought you were talking about your own kitchen. I'm curious about who is getting the kitchen remodel too.

  5. I see a baby girl in there! Laura needs some more estrogen around the house!

  6. Yeah Lukaura (Luke&Laura) IT'S A BOY.......! LOL

  7. Love Love Love!! I'd love to see Laura dressing a girl and watching Daddy & big brother protecting her.... Just my 2 cents

  8. I'm so hoping for a she <3 <3 <3