Sunday, September 4, 2016

16 Weeks...

It's been a while since we checked in on Luke and Laura, last time we saw them, Phoenix was curious about Mom's changing belly. If you want a refresher you can view that episode here.
 Also if you want to go back even more you can read this episode where Luke and Laura learn she is pregnant.

So here we go!
Luke has just got home with Phoenix. Now that he is 2 and Laura is expecting their second child, he has been attending a preschool for half a day. Which gives Laura time to get things done around the house or run a few errands. This will also be a help once the baby is born, Phoenix will have a routine to look forward to and playtime with other children for a while, when Mom is busy with baby.
Normally Laura would pick him up from school, but she recently caught a bug from Phoenix and has been upstairs in bed all day. Phoenix thankfully got over his cold in a few days and hopefully Laura will too. She has avoided taking any medicine or pain killers as she believes in doing things all natural and letting her body fight the cold.

Luke calls up to check on her, letting her know 
he has made it home with Phoenix safe and sound.
*Luke* "Laura?...I'm home!"
Even though she is 16 weeks pregnant and stuck in bed, Laura can't sit completely still. She has been working on recipes for her business, and also scoping out locations on Luke's iPad. Laura hears him call her from downstairs, and in her stuffy, nasally congested voice she replies.
*Laura* "I'm upstairs..."
Luke heads straight for the stairs and goes up to check on her. He has Jacob closing up the shop and the new girl there to help out, Luke plans to spend the rest of the day taking care of Laura and Phoenix.
*Luke* "Hey, you feeling any better?..."
 Laura tries to respond but ends up coughing into 
her Kleenex tissue.
*Laura* "I'm feeling a little better..."
 Luke steps in closer and Laura stops him.
*Laura* "No, don't set him down here next to me. I don't want 
him getting sick again..."
*Luke* "You said you're feeling better..."
*Laura* "Yes, but I need to change the bed sheets first. I have been sitting here 
in them for the past 2 days."
*Luke* "Okay, well he needs to nap right? I'll go lay him down. 
You need me to get you any thing?..."
*Laura* "Some more juice would be nice..."
 A short while later Luke comes back into their 
bedroom with a fresh glass of juice for Laura.
 *Laura smiles* "Thank you, baby..."
Luke sets the glass down on her night table and 
then sits down next to her on the bed.
 *Laura* "Did Phoenix fall asleep?..."
 *Luke* "Yeah, he went down right away, guess he's having fun playing all morning.
*Laura* "Yeah, I'm glad he's getting some social time with other kids his age."
*Luke* "Yeah I think it's good for him...So what have you done all morning besides lay in bed?"
*Laura* "Well, I was working on some recipes and also looking at places to open up a bakery. There is one I want to check out, the place just came up on the market."
*Luke* "Babe, you're having a baby in 5 months, I don't think you're 
gonna have much time for running a business."    
 *Laura* "But this place looks perfect, Luke! I don't think I'll find another like this. It's almost all ready to go. Just a few changes and the place can be opened for business..."
*Luke* "I....I don't know, Babe. Sounds like a lot to take on right now."
*Laura* "Just come and look at it with me and then decide. We can go tomorrow 
after my Doctor's appointment."
*Luke* "You have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow?..."
*Laura* "Yeah, it's my 16 week checkup, we might also get to find 
out if we're having a boy or girl."
*Luke* "Oh! I thought they did that later on..."
*Laura* "Well tomorrow I have a sonogram checkup so if we want to know 
and they can see it, then we'll find out..."
Luke leans over her...
*Luke* "Okay, well I better take the whole morning off then, you sure
 you still want to check out that business location?"
*Laura smiles at him* "Yes! I'm telling you, Luke it's a perfect location...Plus 
I kinda already made an appointment with the realtor..."
*Luke laughs* "Persistent aren't we?...Alright, we'll check it out, but
I'm still not convinced this is the best time to be doing this."
*Laura* "I know..."
*Luke* "You hungry?..."
*Laura* "Always..."
*Luke gets up* "I'll make us some lunch..."
*Laura* "Okay I'll be down in a bit."
Luke begins to head out the door...
 *Laura* "Luke?..."
He stops and turns around...
 *Luke* "Yeah, Babe?..."
*Laura* "I love you."
*Luke* "I love you, too."
Then he heads downstairs to make lunch for the 
two of them.

The next morning after dropping Phoenix off at preschool, Luke and Laura head straight over to the doctor's office for her early morning appointment. After waiting for a considerable amount of time they are finally called back to one of the exam rooms.
*Nurse* "Right this way..."
The nurse directs them into one of the rooms.
She walks across the room and gestures for Laura to 
get comfy up on the exam table.
*Nurse* "Mmmm...Looks like the blood pressure machine was left out in the hallway.
Why don't ya get situated up here and I'll be right back."
 *Laura smiles* "Okay..."
 With a little help from Luke, gets seated up on the exam table. She is a bit nervous about having her blood pressure checked. It was around this time in her pregnancy with Phoenix when it began to go up.
 She looks up at Luke
*Laura* "I sure hope my blood pressure isn't high..."
*Luke* "I'm sure it will all be fine. Just try and relax, Babe."
*Laura* "I'm trying...Will you take my purse?..."
Luke takes it and chooses a chair to sit down in. You know a guy truly loves you when he has no problems holding your purse. hehe!
*Luke* "Hey,....And don't forget to tell the doctor about your cold. Maybe she
can tell you what medicine you can take or something..."
*Laura* "Luke, I don't want to take anything that can possibly affect the baby."
 *Luke* "Well, at least ask...she might be able to help somehow. You've been miserable, Babe.
And that's not good either."
*Laura* "I know....I will tell her."
As they were talking the nurse comes back in with the blood pressure machine. She carts it around the room and gets it ready. And she could not help but over hear their conversation.
 *Nurse* "Are you fighting a cold?..."
*Laura* "A little yes, my 2 year old started preschool this month and
well he got sick and then I did."
*Nurse while punching buttons on the machine* "Ah, yes...Toddlers tend to bring a lot of germs home, that is one reason why we try to keep small children out of the office. I'm
sure Dr. Evans can give you some good advice about what to do."
The machine beeps indicating it is done doing it's job.
Laura looks at the screen wondering if it is high.
*Laura* "Is my blood pressure okay?..."
*Nurse* "It's slightly elevated, but that could be cause of the cold you have as well,
you might want to monitor it while at home too."
The nurse smiles at her reassuringly, Laura really didn't want to hear that but she is not surprised either. The nurse turns to sit at the small desk computer and ask Laura a few questions while recording the information.
*Nurse* "Have you been feeling nauseous anymore?..."
*Laura* "No."
The nurse continues to type and talk.
*Nurse* "Have you experienced any bleeding or leaking of fluid?..."
*Laura* "No, I haven't..."
 *Nurse* "Then everything sounds right on track..."
She continues to type and asks Laura one more question.
*Nurse* "Okay, how about movement. Have you felt the baby move yet?"
*Laura* "Um...well I've felt a few flutters, so yeah I guess so."
*Nurse* "That's completely normal, you should be feeling more movement
in the next few weeks. Also Dr. Evans will be doing a ultrasound this morning, just a routine check on the baby and how they're growing. Will you be wanting to find out the sex of the baby?"
*Laura* "Yes, we do..."
 While Laura was being asked a dozen questions Luke checks his phone for any missed calls or emails. He has left Jacob in charge of the shop for the day but plans to go in later today and close up shop.
 The nurse finishes up making one last notation before 
getting up to go on to the next patient.
 *Nurse* "Okay I'm just gonna note on here that you've also been fighting a cold.
Any fever or flu like symptoms?"
*Laura* "No, mostly just congestion, coughing, stuffy head and nose."
*Nurse* "Okay...sounds like just a common cold. Dr. Evans can let you
 know what medications are safe to take if needed."
 The nurse then gets up and heads towards the door.
*Nurse* "Well, my work is done, Dr. Evans will be in to see you shortly."
She smiles then turns to open the door and see herself out, as she's closing the door Laura turns on the table to face Luke better while they wait for the Doctor.
 *Laura* "She said my blood pressure was a little high...
I just hope it doesn't get worse."
 *Luke* "She also said that it might be due to the fact that you've had a cold."
 *Laura* "I know, I just don't want to repeat how things went the first time."
 *Luke* "I know you don't and I promise I'll be here for you no matter what. I'm
not gonna be selfish this time around. It's gonna be okay, Babe..."
*Laura* "I know but this was around the time when it went
up when I was pregnant with Phoenix."
*Luke* "Yeah, but things are different now. You need to stop worrying, that doesn't
 help either. Just focus on what you need to and don't stress about it."
Laura scoots down and gets comfy on the table.
*Laura* "You're right, I need to just relax..." 
Luke decides to change the subject and try to help
 her not focus on the negative.
*Luke* "So you still holding out that the baby is a girl?"
Laura looks up and smiles at him. He knows how much she is hoping that it is a girl this time. Luke is not really picky he'll be fine either way, as long as he or she is healthy and that Laura stays healthy too.
*Laura smiles* "Of course I am..."
*Luke smiles back* "Yeah, I figured that..."
*Laura* "I think it would be nice. That way it's all balanced
 with 1 boy and 1 girl."
 *Luke* "And if it's a boy?..."
*Laura* "Then I'll be outnumbered 3 to 1..."
She giggles and Luke smiles at her.
*Luke* "Then I guess we'll have to shoot for baby number 3, if it's a boy."
 *Laura* "3! I haven't even had this one! Slow down mister...I think you just enjoy
making them."
Luke throws his head back and laughs.
*Luke* "Guilty as charged, Babe."
*Laura smiles* "Don't worry I enjoy it too..."
*Laura continues* "Well....if the baby is a girl, my mom was talking about
  having a small baby shower...She's rooting for a girl too."
 *Luke* "Okay..."
 As they are still talking there is a soft knock at the door. 
They turn and look...
Coming through the door is, Dr. Marlena Evans ObGyn. She smiles sweetly at the two and greets them good morning.

*Dr. Evans* "Hello!....Good morning!..."
Dr. Evans steps in and reaches out to shake Luke's hand.
*Dr. Evans* "It's always nice to see the father to be here...How are you doing?"
 *Luke smiles* "Good. This time around it's not as nerve wracking,
being our second child."
 *Dr. Evans smiles back* "Oh yes, it's always a little less stressful
after you've had your first child. Well let's get started and see how baby is doing!" She walks across the room and takes a seat pulling her
 pen out of her coat pocket.
*Dr. Evans* "Okay, so far everything on your chart looks good, your blood
pressure is a little high. Was there any complications with your last pregnancy?"
 *Laura* "Yes, I had preeclampsia with my first child. I almost lost him,
I was admitted to the hospital for a couple days."
*Dr. Evans flips through her chart* "Ah yes, I see it here. You were
24 weeks at the time. Well, this doesn't mean this will happen again, but I want you to monitor your blood pressure until your next visit. That way we can have a better idea
 of how your doing between then."
*Dr. Evans* "And It says here you've been fighting a cold. How long have you been sick?"
*Laura* "Oh um, since Sunday I believe...My son got sick, then I did."
*Dr. Evans* "Ah okay, and is he feeling better?"
*Laura* "Yes, he is."
*Dr. Evans* "Being sick can affect your blood pressure as well,
have you taken any medications?"
*Laura* "No, I haven't taken anything just trying to
eat light and drink lots of water."
 *Luke* "She's been coughing a lot especially at night, she has trouble
sleeping and it wakes me up as well."
 *Dr. Evans* "Well that's not good if you have a persistent cough, I suggest you try a humidifier at night to keep your throat from drying out and make sure to do a nasal wash and cleanse your sinuses. If you don't start feeling better in the next few days then come back and see me."
 *Laura* "Okay..."
*Dr. Evans smiles* "Now! You ready to take a peak at your baby?..."
 Luke and Laura both nod yes. They are both so 
curious to know what they are having.
*Dr. Evans* "Great, let me get this ultrasound going and see if we can found out."

 Dr. Evans swivels her chair around to face the ultrasound 
machine, to get it started and logged in with 
Laura's patient information.
After about a minute of prep work on the 
keyboard she's ready.
*Dr. Evans* "Okay! Let's take a peek and see baby...."

To Be Continued!

Thanks for stopping by and come back next week 
for the conclusion!


  1. I'm glad it's just a cold Laura has. I have to admit, though, I'm just as nervous as Laura to see if the baby is a boy or a girl! I don't have kids, but I always said if I do have one, I'd want a boy since they seem to be easier to take care of, but for poor Laura surrounded by Luke with all his guy friends and Phoenix all the time, I think a girl would be good for her.

  2. For a minute there, I thought we'd know what the baby is this episode. I'll be back to find out.

    Now for a question, how did you make the door? Doors are my downfall. I want them to open and close, but I'm not good at making them. Also, how are they hinged, please? Thank you.

  3. Oh no, a cliff hanger! Is it a boy or a girl??? I would love it if she had a little girl! She would be so much fun for Laura. And I am sure Phoenix would be such a great big brother. Can't wait for the next episode!

  4. I am just happy for this couple. It would be nice to have another son and maybe the 3rd baby can be the little girl. Laura will continue to reign as the a Princess of the house until the baby girl arrives. Lol! It will be her and the boys.

    Great photo story! Your details and posing of the dolls are awesome!

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