Friday, October 14, 2016

The Trudeau Family Pumpkin Patch

Hey y'all it's that time of year again! It's time to head out into the country to a sweet little farm and pick out a pumpkin for Halloween!
This farm is ran by some of the Trudeau's, If you would like a refresher on past episodes then you can click here...


So it's early morning on a crisp October Saturday, the sun is shining bright and all the Trudeau's are out helping get things set up so they can open the gate to customers.  James helps his wife with her items that she makes and sells...
*James* "Lemme help you, Darlin'..."
*Marilyn* "Thank you Honey..."
*James* "Is that everything?..."
*Marilyn* "I got a few more I need to fetch..."
*James* "I'll come with ya..." 
She smiles at him and nods, James is always sweet on her and always has been since they were young. Meanwhile their daughter Brianna gets the register ready and makes sure she has plenty of change to start her day. 
Across the patch, Joshua is finishing setting out a few more pumpkins and other items, while Cassie his very pregnant young wife sits and tells him where to put them.
 *Cassie* "A little more to the left..."
*Joshua* "Here?..."
Last time we saw Joshua he was single and loving the ladies...
but all it took was one night to turn all that around.
 *Cassie* "I can't see your cute lil' butt is blocking my view..."
*Joshua smiles* "This is good I'll just leave it here..."
Cassie catapults her big round belly out of the chair. 
She is due any day now, so swollen ankles and feet are a given, which 
is why she has the chair to sit in.
*Cassie* "Now hold on...we want it to all look purdy, don't we?..."
 *Joshua turns around* "Cass, sit down...I can handle it just fine, Darlin'..."
 *Cassie* "I'm pregnant Josh, not sick...I'll be fine....Just git
the basket there and help me out..."
James and Marilyn come back with the remaining items. Marilyn does a last minute check over her wreaths and James makes sure 
that Bree has the register up and ready.
 *Marilyn* "There we go! Perfect....I'm all set over here...!"
 *James* "What about you sweetheart? You ready as well?"
*Bree* "Yes, Papa....I'm all set to go."
*James* "Good, Ima git your brother and we're gonna go
open the gate so be ready."
Josh and Cassie are finishing up the decorating....
*Cassie* "It actually feels good to get up and walk a bit ya know, the doctor
did say walking was good to help me go into labor."
Josh hands her another star decoration...
*Joshua* "Yeah I know, but ya gotta pace yourself Darlin''s gonna be a long day an it'll git busy so you'll have plenty ah opportunities to walk around an help out customers..." 
 Well, Cassie and Joshua got married shortly after they learned she was pregnant. All it took was one roll in the hay one night, a few beers and some carelessness on their part. They had barley just started dating, and couldn't keep their hands off each other.  Cassie's parents are more traditional and insisted they marry before the baby is born so Joshua did the right thing and has promised to love, cherish and honor her. As well as take care of her and their new baby girl that is due any day now. I hope these two can go the distance.
 Justin and Marilyn are both equally excited about being grandparents for the first time, it was definitely a bit of a shock when their son told them Cassie was pregnant, he's still young but they were young and in love once too. And Erica is over the moon about being a Great-Grandmother! Seems Benjamin has been trumped here, haha! but I don't doubt for a minute she will not feel any different when Benjamin and Michelle do decided to have children...
 *James* "Josh! You ready to help out with opening the gate? I'm sure
we'll be gitting some customers soon."
 *Joshua* "Yeah! Ima ready..."
Joshua picks up the chair so Cassie can sit and keep Brianna
 company for the time being.
*Marilyn* "Cassie, go keep Bree company Hun, and get off your feet..."
*Cassie* "I'm quite fine....Mrs. Trudeau..."
*Marilyn* "Oh, I'm sure you are, but once that baby comes there ain't gonna be no
 downtime so go relax now while you have a chance dear..."
*Cassie nods* "Okay...But I still wanna help for as long as I can."
Cassie sits and talks with Brianna...
*Cassie* "It sure is bright out this morning....but the cool air feels nice."
*Brianna* "It is. I think it will be a good first day. The weather is nice and the sun is out.
It will definitely bring lots a customers..."
 *Cassie* "Well, you let me know if you need help. I'm a quick learner and
hard worker so you can count on me."
 *Brianna smiles* "My brother will have my hide if I work you to hard...You know he
loves you a lot. I ain't ever seen him so crazy about one girl."
*Cassie smiles* "I love him too, but he needs to stop worrying,
 I'm fine..."

The Pumpkin Patch may be empty right now but soon it will 
be packed with pumpkin purchasers...
To be continued! 
Sorry it's so short y'all! It has been such a busy October for me. 
I hope to post more soon!


  1. Totally love the setup! Great job as always, Miranda! Love how Cassie "moves" her body, only us moms know how to do that bulge swag hahaha!

  2. Love the pumpkin patch! It is so nice and has so many detailed little things in it! Who am I kidding? All your dioramas are the bomb!

  3. This is great! I wonder what kinds of drama will pop up this year? Hopefully none involving Penelope!