Friday, September 21, 2012

Mamma Is Coming To Town!!

Meet Cynthia Ann Rawlins-Cooper!!
Age: Old enough to be Luke's Mom [She refuses to tell me how old she ;)]
Marital Status: Divorced
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Cynthia was always a wild one. She was pregnant at 17 with Luke and married his father at 18 years of age. A year later they divorced and she raised Luke on her own. It wasn't easy being a single mom but she made it work and Luke managed to grow up into a responsible adult despite her waywardness at times.
Luke has put off Laura meeting his Mom for an entire year because his Mother can be quite eccentric and tends to scare any decent girl away. She is finally coming down for a visit and meeting Laura for the first time. Luke hasn't been this nervous in a long time......
 It's late afternoon and Luke is pacing the floor waiting on Laura to finishing getting ready so they can go pick up his Mom at the airport. He keeps looking down at his phone to check the time.
He walks over to the stairs and calls up to Laura...
*Luke* "Babe! I'm sure you look beautiful. We gotta go. I don't want to hit any traffic and be late."
*Laura* " Okay, okay just give me five more minutes!!"
Laura mumbles and talks to herself
*Laura* "Why? Why, of all days for my hair to be a disaster?! Ugh!...."
While Luke contemplates whether to go upstairs and see what is taking her so long. The doorbell rings. Luke walks over to answer the door.
*Luke* " Who in the world would be at the door right now?"
Luke answers the door and sees that it is Laura's sister Michelle.
*Michelle* "Hey Luke, sorry to show up unannounced. I need to talk to Laura."
*Luke* " is not a good time, Michelle. We are just heading out the door to go pick up my Mom from the airport."
*Michelle* "Oh! I'm sorry I didn't know. I haven't talked to Laura since she called me about Benjamin. That's why I came over."
*Luke* "Yeah, I'm sure she would love to talk to you about it. She was quite upset after she hung up with you that day. But we are already running late. I'm just waiting for her to finish up."
*Michelle* "Okay, sorry for the bad timing. Just tell her I stopped by and when she gets a chance to call me. So we can talk..."
*Luke*"Will do...I know she will be relieved to know that you stopped by."
*Michelle* " Thanks Luke. I guess I'll see ya'll later. Bye."
*Luke* "Bye."
Laura finally makes her way downstairs. Just missing her sister by a matter of seconds. 
*Laura* "Hey handsome....was someone just at the door?"
*Luke* "Yeah, it was your sister."
Laura walks over to the chair to grab her purse.
*Laura* "What! You're kidding me, right? I have texted her like 10 ten times in the past week. She never responded. I think she is still pretty mad at me."
*Luke* "No, I'm not joking she was just here. She said she wanted to talk to you...."
*Laura* "Okay, so why did she leave?"
*Luke* "Because I told her to."
*Laura* "What! Why...why would you do that?"
*Luke* " I think it's obvious, Babe. [patience wearing thin in his voice]  We need to leave. We are already 20 minutes behind. I don't want to get stuck in afternoon traffic. And then my Mom will be waiting on us. That's why!"
 *Laura* "Okay, I see your point. So what did she say exactly."
*Luke* "That she wanted to talk to you and to give her a call when you get the chance."
*Laura* "That's it?"
*Luke* "Yup. Now let's go before we waste any more time. You can ask me more about it in the car."
She sets her purse back on the table.
 *Laura* "Okay, just give me 2 minutes to fix my hair. [she points to her head] This is not working."
She moves quickly to the stairs before Luke can protest her decision.
*Luke* '' look fine. You can't fix it in the car on the way there? We gotta go."
*Laura* "No. I'll be down in 2 minutes. Besides planes now a days never show up on time anyways...."
*Luke* "Ugh! You're killing me here. You better be ready in 2 minutes. I'm waiting in the car. So make sure you lock up."
*Laura* [her voice fading as she walks up the stairs] "Okay..."

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  1. That bathroom is to die for! Great job. Poor Luke. I'm thinking he should have done the cave man, pick her up and throw him over his shoulder, thing. Love the closet in the living room, too. Can't wait to see momma. Hope they aren't too late. She doesn't want to start off on the wrong foot with the mother.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Thanks so much...the bathroom was quite a challenge for me. :)
      Lol,yes Luke might end up doing that one of these days. I think in some way Laura is also procrastinating the inevitable. She is very nervous about meeting Luke's mom.

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  3. Friday's just got real good again! ;) Luke should win an award for his patience and hotness! Laura, seems a little high maintenance but I think they're a perfect match. He's cool enough for the both of them. ;)

    Love your photos by the way. They sort of look like a dream sequence. Markin' my calendar for next week, part II!

    1. Thanks Tracy you are so sweet. I hope to post something every Friday. *fingers crossed* I am glad you are enjoying it. :)

      I think you just described Luke and Laura to a T.
      I do a final edit on the photos because my camera doesn't take very good low light pictures :( I always love a good dream ;)

  4. Laura is putting Luke's patience to the test. Lol! I hope that she and Michelke can work things out. There is nothing like a sisterly bond. Love your diorama.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,
      Yes she definitely is doing that. She has been quite worried since her sister hung up on her after that phone call. So hopefully they can work it out and be there for each other again. :)

  5. Hi I just faved your pic on FLICKR,and from there I got your blog address,I followed you,your dioramas and stories are great!!!

    I would appreciate it very much if you could follow me at Thanks :)Keep in touch!!:D

  6. Hi Pam.
    Thanks so much...I am following your blog now too :)

  7. Hello from Spain: Cynthia is a very modern mother. She is very young. I understand that Laura is nervous about meeting his future mother in law. I love this couple's house ... Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Yes, Cynthia is modern for sure. I think she wants to stay forever young. Laura is nervous hopefully it will all fade once she meets Cynthia...

  8. Hi Miranda. I'm really enjoying your stories. Michelle reminds me of my younger sister. I can call and text her for days with no response. Then boom, it's "I need your attention right away! The world is ending...fix it please!" lol


    1. Hi Veda,
      I am so glad your are enjoying them!
      It has been a lot of fun to do :)
      Michelle in someways is a lot like my younger sister too. dMy sister and Michelle are both very bold and outspoken and sometimes don't think about what they are about to say before they say it. ^_^