Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mamma is Coming to Town!! Part 1

Finally, Luke and Laura have made it to the airport. Running casually late and surprised to see that the plane did not arrive yet.
*Luke* "Oh! Wow! I guess the plane hasn't landed yet. Boy, did we get lucky."
*Laura feeling bad about taking so long to get ready* "Don't you mean I got lucky. Since I was the one that took forever to get ready. You're not still mad about it are you?"
*Luke stops and turns to look at her*
"Babe, I could never stay mad at you. Besides I know you already and I can see your nervous about all of it. So am I."
*Laura* "Nervous would be an understatement."
*Luke* "Everything will be fine.... I'm gonna go ask the girl at the desk if she knows exactly when the plane is landing."
*Laura walks over to take a seat feeling more nervous with every step. While Luke finds out information.*
*Desk Attendant* "The plane should be landing any minute, Sir. And the passengers should be de-boarding the plane shortly after."
*Luke* "Thanks."
*Luke takes his seat next to Laura and fills her in on the whereabouts of the plane.*
*Laura reaches out and touches his hand* "I love you....."
*Luke* "I know you do. I love you too."
*Laura* "How on earth do you stay so calm right now? I feel  jittery and restless. The anticipation is killing me!"
*Luke smiles and understands exactly how she feels* "That's normal that you feel that way. Besides after what I have told you about my Mother. I understand why you would be so nervous."
*Laura* "I know...I know.. I just want everything to work out perfect. I would hate to give your Mom the wrong first impression."
*Luke* "I think I am more worried that my Mother will give you the wrong first impression. It wouldn't be the first time for her. That is for sure. But she is my Mom and she is really excited about meeting you."
*They lean in closer to each other. Feeling comforted by each others proximity.*
*With a simultaneous sigh of relief they both feel better that they were able to talk though all their mix of emotions. And for a moment nothing else seems to exist around them....
*Young child* "Mommy! Mommy! I see Daddy!!"
*Startled by the small voice they turn to see that passengers are arriving.*
*Laura whispers in his ear* "Isn't he the cutest? He is so happy to see his Daddy."
*Luke* "Yeah he is."
More passengers begin to file out but Luke's Mom is still yet to be seen.
*Laura*"I don't see her. We are not waiting for the wrong plane are we?"
*Luke* " No, this is the right one. She should be out soon."
*Luke pops up a soon as he sees her taking Laura by the hand as he moves. Feeling so nervous and wanting all of it to be over already.*
 Cynthia immediately embraces her son and showers him with kisses.
*Cynthia* "Luke sweetie I have missed you so much. Oh my goodness.... I am so happy to see you."
*Luke* "It's good to see you too, Mom. I want to introduce you to Laura."
Cynthia turns to greet Laura. Laura smiles and says hello.
*Laura* "It's so wonderful to finally meet you."
*Cynthia* "I feel the same way, Sweetie! Come and give me a hug."
While the three continue to say their hellos a woman comes off the plane to stand next to Cynthia.
Luke and Laura are surprised by her presence. Especially Luke since he has no idea who this woman is.
*Cynthia* "There you are. I was beginning to wonder where you were. I want to introduce you two to someone very special....

To be concluded tomorrow!!!


  1. Love this airport!!! Wow, what a great idea! The slatted ceiling is perfect! Love love love your dios!

    1. Okay, had to come view these shots again. I love the action in the background. There are these full stories going on back there! Great attention to detail.

    2. Thanks so much! I really believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. I love to add motion to my pictures. To me it makes the dolls feel so much more alive.

      The area I used for my dio is a large plastic storage shelf. The shelves are slatted so I can shine the light in from the top. I use daylight light bulbs to give me a more natural light.


  2. Great photostory. I love your diorama. The airport is awesome!!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl
      Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to get back to some dolly time. So glad you enjoyed it :)


  3. WOW! I just love this...the story....the dio... the lighting!! I have to give it to you! Great work!

    1. Hi Ms Leo!
      Thank you so much. I am so gland you enjoyed all of it!

  4. Ooops! I watched part 2 first. Great airport! I said that in part 2, but I get to see a lot more of it here.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      That's Okay :) The airport was a lot of fun to do.