Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year's Eve at Bull Tavern Part 2

Sometime around 11pm....

While Michelle has been outside saying goodbye to Benjamin. Roxie talks for a bit to Luke and Laura. She reveals to them that this is not the first time Benjamin has been in trouble.  Lucky for him, Benjamin has a Father with connections down at city hall.
*Roxie* "Just when we thought Benjamin had outgrown all this......"
*Luke* "Maybe the guy he punched will come to his senses and realize it's just not worth going through the trouble of pressing charges."
*Roxie* "Yeah......maybe."
*Laura* "But you heard what Michelle said, the guy he punched was her old boyfriend from college.  And I don't blame Benjamin for laying into him the way he did.  From what Michelle told me about her ex he sounds like a complete self-centered jerk."
*Luke checks the time on his watch* "Well, she has been out there for about 10 minutes.  We got about an hour till midnight. You think they arrested him?" 
*Laura* "Maybe she left with him if they did arrest  him......Baby,  go check and see if they are still out there."
Luke is about to get up and go check for her but Roxi stops him.
*Roxie* "Luke, wait.....she just walked in the door."
Michelle doesn't look happy. She walks over to the three of them and more tears start rolling down her face.
*Laura* "I'm assuming they arrested Benjamin."
*Michelle with a slight sob* "Yeah..."
Roxie puts her hand on Michelle's back to reassure her it's okay.
*Roxie* "Oh, Sweetie!....I'm sorry. I was hoping Hayden wouldn't have to.....Just know he is gonna be okay. I'm sure he will get it resolved soon enough. Benjamin has been through this before.*with some sarcasm* I'm sure Daddy will make it all go away....." 
*Michelle* "Thanks, Roxie.....that explains why he acted like it wasn't a big deal...."
*Roxie* "Well.....As much as I would love to stay and chat I need to get back to work."
Everyone acknowledges what she said and
Roxie gets up to go back to work. Luke also stands and offers his seat to Michelle. He knows Laura is going to want to talk to her sister...
*Michelle tries to smile* "Thanks, Luke..."
*Luke speaking to  Michelle* "I can see the look on your sister's face. She wants you to talk to her....." *he turns to look at Laura* "...Babe, I'll be at the bar if you need me."
*Laura* "Okay..."
So Luke goes to hang at the bar with Aric and Isolde. Michelle sits down next to her sister. Laura does her best to console her....
*Laura* " You know, if you want us to, we can take you home. Instead of hanging out here, if that's what you want." 
*Michelle grabs his hat and runs her fingers across it* "'d rather stay. I think I would just go more insane at home."
*Laura* Okay, but if you change your mind let me know....*They sit in silence for a bit*....I'm sure by this time tomorrow you'll be with Benjamin and all of tonight will be behind you."
*Michelle still playing with his hat, trying to find some comfort in it* "I hope so......"
*she pauses* "God!!....I miss him terribly already!......."
*Laura* "You two really are in love, aren't you?"
*Michelle presses his hat against her, breathes him in and sighs* "Yeah.....I never imagined he would be this wonderful or that we could be this happy. I know you had your doubts about him, I did too at first but oh my god!!, he is amazing!!!"
*Laura looks at her sister and smiles* "Hmmmm......Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I have never been happier than when I am with Luke......"
*Michelle* "I really think he could be the one...."
*Laura* "Don't you think that's a little premature?"
*Michelle* "No...look at you and Luke.  You two hooked up faster than Benjamin and I. How is that any different?"
*Laura* "Yeah,  your right. I guess I just need to get used to the idea of you two still." *Then she pauses and her mind drifts to her situation. Stressing over the fact that she has to tell her parents she is pregnant and still not planning on getting married just  yet.*
*Michelle noticing a change in her face* " to Laura! okay?"
*Laura snaps out of it* "Huh? Oh! Sorry....I was just thinking about something."
*Michelle* "You looked really worried...."
*Laura* "I'm fine. It's just something know what? It's not important. Back to you and Benjamin. What did he say to you before he left..."
*Michelle* "Well.....he did mention that he was going to do whatever he could to come back hear before midnight...."
 *Laura* "Really? Wow! No wonder you don't want to leave....but  I don't know about that..."
*Michelle continues to hold onto his hat* "That's what I told him. I don't know.... maybe he thinks he can still get Andrew to drop the charges before they book him or something. 
I just hope that's the case."
*Laura* "Roxie did mention his Dad has connections  downtown but it's New Year's Eve so I don't see how...."
*Michelle sighs* "Yeah I know.....everyone else in here has got someone to kiss at midnight except me!......Ugh!!  Of all nights for Andrew to show up at this bar....he picks this one!"
Michelle throws his hat over her face. Now she is feeling a bit angry because Andrew ruined her wonderful evening.
 *Laura* "I sucks....but it's not the end of the world. Let's just hope you never have to hear from or see Andrew again. Because I don't think a second run in with him and Benjamin would  bode well at all."
*Michelle* "He got furious with him. I mean, I know Andrew touched me but I could have handled him....I think what set him off was when he found out who he was exactly. And then Andrew had to have the last word..."
*Laura* "Yeah....and you didn't see his face when he saw you at the bar. Luke and I, we were kinda in shock....cause we didn't know what was going on behind us. I don't see anything wrong with Benjamin punching him, he was defending you...Besides, Andrew needed to be put in his place."
Michelle feels like she needs to be alone it's now only a matter of minutes away from midnight.  So she decides to excuses herself from the table and go into the ladies room. Luke sees that Laura is alone and calls her over to him. He is talking with Peter and Fionna who have just arrived a few moments ago.
*Luke* "You remember my friend Peter... Well, it looks they are going to being moving here permanently."
*Laura* "Yes, I remember....Hello so nice to see you again."
Both Peter and Fionna say hello back in response to hers.
*Peter* "Yeah we really like it here and I found a pretty good job. Now Fi just needs to find one."
*Laura* "Oh....yeah? We can always use waitresses at the restaurant. Do you have any experience waiting tables?"
*Luke* "Or...I could always use the help at the record shop. I have been looking to hire someone else. You'd be perfect for position."
*Peter* "Wow, really okay with that?....that would be great, right Fi?"
*Fionna* "Yeah,....yeah. Working at your record shop would be fun.  Thanks for the waitress offer, though. But I don't think I would be go at waitressing."
*Peter* "Awesome!....Now you got a job."
Peter turns back to Luke and thanks him and shakes his hand.
*Peter* "Thanks, Luke. You have no idea how happy this makes us. I think Fi will be a great help to you at the shop."
*Luke* "Yeah, man don't worry about it. The last person I hired didn't know sh*t about music liked they claimed to, so they ended up quitting....I think this will work out."
While Luke is talking with Peter. Laura looks and Fionna and doesn't like what she sees. She feels like hiring her at the record shop is a bad idea. She is not worried about Luke's faithfulness to her but there is something about her that doesn't sit well with Laura. Fionna notices her stare and try to act nonchalant. So, Laura turns to see if her sister has come out of the ladies room."
*Luke looks down at his watch* "Oh, wow! It's almost midnight. Hey, you two want to come sit with us? We will probably be here for a little longer."
*Peter* "Sure....we're just gonna order us some drinks..."
Peter and Fionna turn to the bar to ask Isolde for some beers. Luke turns to talk to Laura. She looks a little pale and upset.
*Luke* "Babe, you okay? You feeling sick?"
*Laura* "Just a little tired and I'm worried about Michelle. I should probably go check on her."

While they are talking the noise level in the bar starts to rise as the clock strikes midnight. Everyone is hollering and saying 'Happy New Year'."  Luke pulls her close and kisses her.
*Luke* "Happy New Year, know this time next year there will be 3 of us..."
*Laura smiles at him* "Yeah....*she kisses him again* .....Happy New Year, Baby."
Luke takes her to sit down next to him in the booth. As soon as they get comfortable Michelle comes out of the restroom.
*Michelle* "Sorry I took so long..just need to think alone for a few minutes."
*Laura leaning into Luke and looking very tired* "It's want us to take you home? Luke and I aren't gonna stay much longer."
*Michelle* "If you don't mind that would be great. Let me just grab Benjamin's things and I'll be ready to go."
*Laura* "Okay..."
Michelle turns to grab Benjamin's jacket and hat and can't help but feel sad that he is not here with her. Their first new years kiss spoiled by Andrew.  She can almost hear him now, telling her with his southern charm 'Happy New Year, Darlin'.."
She shutters a little.....and thinks Wow! his voice sounds like it is almost here....

Then she hears it again.
*Benjamin* "Happy New Year, Darlin'."
She quickly turns around....
*Michelle* "Benjamin!! What?....How?....." 
Benjamin takes two big step, grabs onto her at her waist and twirls her around, then dips her down. 
*Benjamin* "I told you I'd be back Darlin'...."
Michelle's eyes light up with joy. Benjamin pulls her back up and gives her her first kiss of the new year.
 The room stood still for a long moment, Michelle was taken in by his kiss. Then, he finally pulls away and looks down at her.
*Michelle* "How?....I was so sure I wouldn't see you. Did you get Andrew to drop it?"
*Benjamin* "You could say that.*She looks at him a little puzzled*...Don't worry it's been taken care of. He will never bother you or me again...."
*Michelle* "I....just can't believe you are here..."
*Benjamin pulls her in tight and kisses her again* "I'm here Darlin' and I'm not going anywhere....Now, you ready to go home with me?"
*Michelle* "Yes....yes...I am."
*Aric interrupts the 2 lovers* "Ya'll take that sh*t somewhere else.....Glad to see your back Benji."
*Benjamin* "That's what were doin', Aric. We're going home."
*Aric* "Good cause you got people watching you....You two have a Happy New Year...."
*Benjamin* "Goodnight...Aric,  happy new year as well."
*Aric* "Night, Benji....We'll talk tomorrow."
Benjamin waves off to Aric and then grabs his hat and puts his jacket around Michelle. While Michelle waves goodbye to her sister and Luke.  Benjamin wraps his arm around her and they walk out the door.
*Benjamin his voice gets deeper and drawls out his words* "Git ready Darlin, cause your not gettin' any sleep tanight."
*Michelle smiles and laughs softly* "Hmmmm, that's fine by me...."

Michelle and Benjamin take their leave and shortly after so do many of the other customers at Bull Tavern.  The night slowly comes to a close and everyone ended up having a good New Year's Eve.  

Hope all of you had a safe and happy New Year!


  1. That was great. I love how emotions come through so much in your posing and photography!

    1. Thank you!
      I always try to make them look as life like as possible :)

  2. Oh my goddess, who doesn't love a Cowboy! Aric cracks me up, he reminds me of a young old guy, LOL. The men of OneSixthAvenue are studs and definitely have the swoon factor. ;-)

    I'm with Laura, something's not right about Fiona but we'll see. :-)

    1. Haha! Yeah, Aric is a bit old fashioned especially when it comes to those matters. And we all know Benjamin isn't shy about it. So happy you enjoy my boys. I adore them and I guess that shows. I think I spoil them more than my girls.

      You saw it too huh? Yeah, there is something off about Fionna. I'm not sure what. She is a hard one read for me....I guess we'll see what happens :)

  3. I'm sure Laura is going to have a nice little chat with Luke about offering Fi that job. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that either. I'm happy that Benjamin was able to make it back by midnight.

  4. You got that right Vanessa. I'm sure as soon as they got in the car she had to say something :) I don't know if he will feel the same though. He just wants to help out a friend
    Yeah Benjamin was able to wiggle his way of it. Let's hope he stays out of trouble :)

  5. Im glad that Ben was there and now sitting in some jail cell somewhere. Talk about having character depth. I just oe how these guys are coming along. Great story and i can't waite to see whats next!

    1. Thanks William,
      Me too, and so was Michelle :)
      I have definitely got some more big surprises to come...

    2. I cant wait! God i am such a nerd! LOLOLOL

    3. Lol! I know what you mean. I feel like such a dork but I am having way too much fun with these stories:) So glad there is others who feel the same...
      I think I am a bit obsessed with Luke and Laura at the moment ;P
      I also post little short stories and pics on my flickr