Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Eve at Bull Tavern

I was hoping to get in some Christmas pics this year but that just didn't happen. I was so determined to get that Cabin diorama going that I never had any time to take Christmas pictures. Well at least I got to decorate Luke and Laura's place....

So, of course everyone has had a nice Christmas with the exception of Luke having to deal with his Mom moving to town. Luckily she has kept what she knows to herself, mainly because they have repeatedly asked her not to. Also because Luke and Laura do not want to announce they are expecting until Laura has had her first checkup with the Doctor.  

It is now New Year's Eve and everyone, friends and family is gathering at Bull Tavern to ring in the new year!

Sometime around 8:00pm.
The bar is starting to fill with customers. Some of which are friends and family. Others are not. 
 Aric talks for a moment with one of his younger sisters, Mina and her longtime boyfriend Jai. Isolde is mixing up a drink for Mina.
Roxie is getting drink orders from a young couple at the 
back of the bar. She had to card these 2, they barely looked legal...
Aric walks over to say hello to 2 of his longtime friends. 
Hayden and Carmen.
They decided to stop by and have one drink before they head off to another New Year's Eve party.
 It looks like Jasper and Kyu have arrived too.
Aric tells them to take the booth in the back.
Roxie delivers 2 cold beers to the young couple then goes over to say hello to Jasper and Kyu.
Aric leaves Hayden and Carmen, so they can finish their drinks, he then also heads over to see how his other friends are doing.
Hayden spots Benjamin through the window and Benjamin
 waves at him.
With Michelle on his arm he escorts her inside. 
Hayden can see a difference in his friend. Benjamin looks 
happy, very happy.
*Hayden* "Hey, man...come and sit. Everyone has been talking about you..."
*Benjamin* "Is that right? My love life is that interesting to all of you?"
*Hayden* "You know everyone just wants to see you finally settle down. You look like sh*t....Did you just get off work?"
Benjamin takes off his hat and runs his fingers through his hair.
 *Benjamin* "Well, aren't you sweet. I had a foreman up and quit today on one of our sites. So, I  ended up spending all day there making sure everything was running smooth." 
*Hayden* "Sounds like your pulling your weight with your Dad's company now."
 *Benjamin* "Sh*t, I do most of his work now....he just stays at home half the time with Ellie."
*Hayden* "Your Dad needs a break, man.  He has been working hard since your Mom passed."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I know.  I think I'm finally ready to take over....."
*Hayden* "That's good....You sound like a new man Benjamin. I think those partying days are behind you.
Hayden holds up his beer and Benjamin realizes that he doesn't have a beer. He hollers across the bar to Aric.
 *Benjamin* "Aric....Hey, man where's my beer?"
*Aric is used to his loud behavior* "I'll be right there Benji, hold your horses...."
Benjamin turns back around and continues talking with Hayden.
Carmen introduces herself to Michelle and tries to get to know her a little better.
*Carmen* "It's so nice to finally meet you.  Aric has told us a little bit about you. Everyone is so excited that Benjamin is finally in a serious relationship."
*Michelle smiles* "It's nice to meet you too. You've known Benjamin since high school, right?"
*Carmen* "HmmmHmm, Yes. We all went to school together.  Benjamin was always in competition with Cruz.  Girls threw themselves at them left and right, sometimes it was downright ridiculous.
*Michelle unsure how to respond* "I...have heard....he's told me some stories...."
*Carmen* "Well....I wouldn't worry about it, I can see how much he has changed since he met you. I think the old Benjamin is finally gone....and grown up!"
Aric comes over with a beer and a cocktail for Benjamin and Michelle.
*Aric* "What happened to you? Long day at work?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah.....I never got a chance to go home and change."
*Aric turns his attention to Michelle* "He treating you right, Sweetheart? Cause if he doesn't then you tell me and I'll kick his ass for ya..."
*Michelle smiles* "You'll be the first to know...."
 *Hayden* "I second that...."
*Benjamin* "! That ain't happening....
 *Aric* "And why not?"
*Benjamin turns to look at her* "Because I never plan on breaking her heart......"
 Michelle blushes at his bold statement.
*Aric looks at Hayden* "Oooweee!! He's got it bad!"
*Hayden laughs* "I know....I almost don't recognize him.
Well....I hate to have to go but we gotta be somewhere else."
*Aric* "Don't worry about it.  I'm glad you were able to stop by for a bit. Maybe once Cruz is back in town we can all pitch in and throw him a bachelor's party. I don't know if you heard but he is getting married...."
*Hayden* "Cruz is getting married!? Wow! I thought for sure he would never settle down."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, so technically that makes me the last Bachelor of the group...."
*Hayden* "I'd shut up if I were you. Your not far behind him...."
Aric sees that is other sister has arrived and says goodbye to Hayden and Carmen. They then get up and say their goodbyes to 
Benjamin and Michelle.
*Hayden* "It was good to see ya man, Happy New Year!"
*Benjamin* "You too, ya'll have a Happy New Year..."
*Carmen* "Bye, Benjamin....You treat her right, okay?"
*Benjamin* "Yes, ma'am..."
Carmen waves goodbye to Michelle and the 2 walk out the door.

Sometime around 9:00pm now...

As they are walking out, Luke and Laura have just arrived.
*Laura* "Everyone is gonna be suspicious of why I am not drinking tonight."
*Luke* "Who cares...let them wonder.  Let's just enjoy the night.  I know it will be hard for you but try to not think about it..."
*Laura* "Easier said than done."
They make their way into the bar and see Michelle sitting alone.
*Laura* "Hey, mind if we join you? Where's Benjamin?"
*Michelle* "No, not all sit down. Benjamin is in the restroom...."
Laura slides into the booth and Luke sits down next to her.
*Michelle* "Wow! You look amazing sis..."
*Laura* "Thanks, so do you."
*Michelle* "Is it just me or do your boobs look bigger..."
*Laura tries to pull her jacket closed* " you."
Luke can't help but look down at her cleavage.
*Michelle* "I can see some one else here agrees with me.
Luke just smiles and laughs a little.
The door swings open and Benjamin steps out. 
*Benjamin* "I think I finally got most of that construction dust off me, Darlin'.....
Oh! Hey, ya'll just git here?"
*Luke* "Yeah...long day at work?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah.....let me get Aric to get ya'll some beers."
*Michelle* "He's busy.....I'll go..."
*Benjamin* "Okay, Darlin'..."
*Michelle* "Sis, what do you want?"
*Laura* "Just a sparkling water for me..."
*Michelle* "Okay... Luke, beer right?"
*Luke* "Yes..."
Michelle then heads over to the bar to give Isolde the order.
Luke starts making small talk with Benjamin while Laura just listens.
*Michelle* "Hey, Isolde...can I get 2 draft beers and a sparkling water."
*Isolde* "Sure..."
Michelle doesn't even notice but the 2 men who are also at the bar are looking at her.  The one in glasses turns and looks at her....
*Man at the bar* "I knew I recognized that voice.....and that ass." *He tilts his head back to look at her backside*
*Michelle turns to look at his face* "Andrew!! What are you doing here?"
*Andrew* "Having a drink....can I buy you one?"
Michelle* "First of all get your hand off me!"
Benjamin sees the whole thing....
*Benjamin* "What the f*ck!"
He doesn't say anything else just gets up from the table and walks right up to Michelle and the guy that laid his hands on her.
 *Benjamin shoves him back away from her* "You'll do what she says and leave her alone if you
know what's best for you, Buddy..."
*Michelle* "Benjamin, just ignore him...Come on let's go sit back down."
*Andrew taps him on the  back on the shoulder* "First of all I am not your Buddy...and second maybe you should go sit back down. We were just having a nice conversation..."
Benjamin starts the fume with anger...and Michelle can see it.
*Michelle looks at Andrew* "You are such an a**hole, Anderew!"
*Benjamin* "You mean this guy is Andrew? The Andrew from college? That Andrew?"
*Michelle hesitates* "Yes.. Yes it is......just ignore him. Please.  Lets go sit down..."
Michelle turns and starts walking back to the booth. 
Benjamin starts to follow her when...
*Andrew* "That's right listen to your B*tch!...."
Andrew adds just enough fuel to the flame with that last statement .Benjamin turns and cocks his arm back and punches Andrew across the face knocking him down and out.
Michelle gasps and cannot believe he just did that. Everyone in the bar is now completely focused on what just happened.
Benjamin stands and looks down at the knocked down and passed out Andrew.
*Benjamin* "Who's the b*tch now? Motherf...."
Michelle is in shock. She turns to face her sister.
*Michelle* "Oh my god! I can't believe he just did that!"
*Laura a little stunned herself* "I know..."
Luke pays no attention to them he is too busy watching 
what is going on.
*Friend* "Don't you think that was a little uncalled for?"
*Benjamin* "What? Now you too?"
*Michelle* "Benjamin! No! He had nothing to do with it.....
......just go sit down and cool off..Now!"
Benjamin does as she asks of him. He sits down in the booth across from Luke and Laura.
Aric and Roxie missed the whole debacle. They come
out of the kitchen and see Ken examining a customer. 
Luckily there was a doctor in the house.  
*Aric* "What the hell happened?"
*Isolde* "Benjamin punched the guy and knocked him out."
*Aric* "What? Why in the hell would he do that?"
*Isolde* "Go ask him yourself. He is sitting over there."
Aric first checks on the customer and asks him if he is alright and that he is sorry about what happened.  Roxie talks to Ken. 
*Roxie* "He  okay?" 
*Ken* "He should be fine but I think he should still get checked out at the hospital.  Benjamin did knock him out cold. He could have a concussion."
*Roxie sighs* "Great...Leave it to Benjamin. He always find a way of getting himself into trouble."
*Ken* "I told him I would drive him to the hospital So he can get a full examination. He agreed. "*Roxie* "That is nice of you..."
*Aric stops her* "We need to go talk to Benjamin.."
*Roxie* "Okay.."
 *Aric looks very serious* "This guy wants to press charges Benjamin, for assault! He is threatening to call the cops. You knocked him out cold and for what? Just because he put his hands on your woman?...I thought you grew out of that sh*t by now."
*Benjamin doesn't have much to say* "I don't like the guy..."
*Aric getting upset with his friend* "Neither do I! But if I don't do what he asks then I'll be in trouble...Now I gotta call this in and report it. You better hope I can get in touch with Hayden since he is off duty. Maybe he can talk this guy out of it." 
*Benjamin acting like he doesn't care* "Just do what you gotta do Aric...."
Aric walks back over to the bar to make a few phone calls.
Michelle cannot believe he is acting like this is no big deal.
*Michelle* "Benjamin....are you not listening?  Andrew wants you arrested for assault. You really want to spend our New Year's Night in jail?"
*Benjamin* "I heard him..."

Sometime around 10:00pm...

Hayden shows back up at the bar with one of his fellow officers. They all step outside to talk.

  *Hayden* "Talk to me...."
*Benjamin* "He started putting his hands on Michelle."
Andrew overhears them talking and speaks out.
*Andrew* "I want to press charges for assault. He is not going to get away with this...."
*Aric holds him back* "Don't you say a word Benjamin..."
 Hayden talks to the other officer and makes a final call. Ken makes plans to leave with Andrew and his friend to the hospital. The fellow officer also plans to go with them.
*Hayden* "I'm sorry man but it looks like you'll be spending New Year's Eve in jail. You know the drill...."
Benjamin sighs and puts his hands behind him while Hayden reads him his rights.
*Benjamin speaking to Aric* "Call my lawyer. You know what to do...."
*Aric* "You really think he is gonna answer?"
*Benjamin* "Yes.  And get Michelle I want to talk to her before I go."
*Aric* "Okay....You don't look the least bit worried. Why?"
*Benjamin* "Just go do what I asked and get Michelle."
*Aric* "Okay...okay..I'm going."
Seconds pass and Michelle is outside staring at Benjamin in handcuffs. 
*Hayden* "You got 5 minutes, Benjamin."
Hayden turns around and gives them some privacy and 
makes a phone call.
*Benjamin* "I'm sorry Darlin' for loosing my cool back there."
*Michelle* "It's okay....I just can't believe Andrew followed through with it." 
Benjamin leans in closer to her. He brushes his cheek against hers and whispers in her ear. 
*Benjamin* "I promise I'll make it up to you, Darlin'. I'm gonna do everything I can to be back to kiss you before midnight..."
*Michelle* "Don't be silly Benjamin. How do you expect to get out of this so soon?"

*Benjamin* "Just trust me Darlin'...."
He kisses her and then Hayden grabs him by the arm.
*Hayden* "Time to go Benjamin..."
 Michelle looks very worried and sad.
*Benjamin* "It'll be okay....I love you...."
*Michelle trying to hold back tears* "I know....I love you too."

And with that Hayden and Benjamin drive away.

To be continued......


  1. Hi Miranda! Great to catch up with you! I LOVE your dioramas! The exterior of the bar is awesome! So are your other dios! And a great storyline for me to follow!

    Nan aka Dawlville

    1. Hi Nan :)
      Thank you! I am having so much fun right now with these episodes and I have more to come.

  2. Miranda, you are so good at this! Bravo, bravo! Lol! First of all, yay to Luke and Laura's great news! What a way to start the new year. The bar looks great! That is too funny that Benjamin knocked out Andrew. I actually laughed out loud. Lol! That should teach Andrew that he is never to be disrespectful, especially to a lady. The jail is probably full on New Year's Eve. Lol!

    Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to Luke's Mother and her drama now that she has moved to town. Lol!

    1. Awww shucks! You got me blushing over here.... I am so thrilled you enjoyed the episode. The idea for this one came to me when I was cutting Andrew's hair ;-) More on Luke and Laura will follow soon :) as for Benjamin he is so blinded by love he could resist knocking him out ^_^

  3. was soooo good. Ok...first of all, everything Georgia Girl said and then some. Love the bar and everyone looks great! Your story telling, awesome as usual. I must say, the "B" word is a trigger button for me. Andrew is lucky he only got clocked once because if it were me, he'd be wearing a bar chair, LOL. I guess Laura doesn't need to worry about her friends noticing she didn't order a drink...Benji took the spot light, lol. I'm so glad that Michelle wasn't too mad at him because he definitely defended her honor. If he gets out in time to kiss Michelle at midnight, he is too cool for school. ;-)

    Can't wait til next episode....

    1. Squeeee! I am grinning from ear to ear Tracy :) I am so gland you enjoyed it. Oh man, I cracked up when I read that Andrew would be wearing a bar chair...I know exactly how you feel. The "B" word gets to me as well.... Before Michelle, I don't think Benjamin would have cared at all about defending some girls honor but like Aric said "He's got it bad" Lol! Your right about Laura not having to worry. Benjamin always finds a way to be the center of attention. I don't even think Laura is thinking about it with the bar being a buzz about Benjamin.

      I am rooting for Benji and hoping he can get back in time to kiss Michelle before the stroke of midnight!

  4. Holy cow talk about drama! I love it , love it, love it. Benjamin defiately has a short fuze there ad Andrew next time should watch who he puts his hands on. I cant waite to see what you cook up next!

    1. Hehehe! Thanks, I love to stir up some drama :) You got that right Benjamin definitely has a short fuze but he has good reason to hate this guy. Let's hope Andrew has learned his lesson....
      The conclusion to this will be posted next week :)

    2. whoohoo i cant waite! This has to be my favorite stories right now...god i feel like a soap junkie!

    3. Awww! Thanks William,
      I am a soap opera junkie too, I love my Days of Our Lives been watching it since I was a teenager :)
      I always love a good drama/ love story.....

  5. Oh Wow I Wannna Seee What Happens Next Lol I'm A Soap Opera Junkie As Well xD

    1. Thanks :)
      I just posted the second half hope you enjoy it :)

  6. In my book, putting your hands on a woman is the perfect reason to knock someone out. Great action scenes. lol. Apparently Benjamin has a 'get out of jail' connection. Looking forward to the conclusion.

  7. Thanks Vanessa :)
    I agree Andrew deserved what he had coming