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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Trudeau Family Pumpkin Patch...Part 2

If you missed part 1 click here for it

The Trudeau Family Pumpkin Patch...Part 1 

 The first customers to arrive are a mother and her young daughter....Mom is yapping away on the phone, her voice is stern though and authoritative as she speaks to whoever is on the other side. It is obviously some kind of business conversation and she is not completely happy with the way things are being ran apparently. So she is very distracted, as her daughter explores the pumpkin patch...
 *Whitney* "What about this one, Mom?..."
 *Busy Mom* "I expect things to run smoothly while I'm gone.  I left specific instructions on 
what to do...Uh uh...Yes, I left you in charge for a reason...if you..."
 *Whitney blurts out* "MOM!  Look! I like this one..."
*Busy Mom* "Whitney...I'm on the the phone."
Whitney rolls her eyes, her Mother is always busy with work.
 *Whitney* "But I want you to look!...I like that one!"
*Busy Mom* "Then grab it, Mommy needs to go..."
 *Whitney* "Can I get a tiny one too?..."
*Busy Mom* "Whitney pick one and let's go! Mommy doesn't have time!..."
*Whitney sighs it out* "Oh-kay...."
So she grabs the biggest one she can carry....
 *Busy Mom* "Listen, I am on my way...As soon as I drop off Whitney with her father, 
I'll be there..."
 Then she clicks off the phone. While Whitney was choosing a pumpkin, well gourd actually, and her Mother was distracted by a important phone call. These three ladies talk as well.
  *Marilyn* "The boys, called said more customers are heading in..."
Marilyn looks down at Cassie and continues....
*Marilyn*...How are you doin', Hun?"
 *Cassie* "I feel great!...I'm ready to have this baby, though."
*Marilyn* "Good...Oh you're gonna be a great Momma..."
 *Cassie* "As long as I don't end up being a mother like that one over there!..."
 The ladies all giggle...
 *Marilyn* "James, said she drove in the gate like a bat outta hell, them city 
folk are always in a hurry...You ain't nothin' like that sweetheart. "
*Cassie smiles* "Thank ya, Mrs. Trudeau...."
*Marilyn* "Please call me Marilyn, you're family now sweetheart,
there ain't no need for formality."
The busy Mom and her daughter Whitney come over to the checkout while other pumpkin patch patrons begin to show up.
 *Brianna* "Your total comes out to $27 even..."
*Busy Mom* "Why so much for a pumpkin?..."
*Brianna* "It's a gourd, they cost a little more, ma'am...Plus all 
our crop is organically grown."
 *Busy Mom* "Oh, Whitney...go pick a smaller one dear, this one is too much."
*Whitney* "No! I want that one!...It has freckles like me, Mommy..."
*Busy Mom* "Fine!...Do you take credit cards?..."
*Brianna smiles* "Yes ma'am we do..."
So busy mom hands her, her card and Brianna rings them up and hands her a receipt. She grabs the gourd and is off in a flash, Whitney following behind her. Back under the arbor a group has decided to take each others pictures.
Kimber and her girlfriend Elizabeth sit on the bench while Kiara takes pictures. These 4 are always hanging out together, they get along really well as well as have a band together. Elizabeth recently joined them as a band member instead of  helping out behind the scenes
It seems Harry and his mom Lara are back at the pumpkin patch this year. He plans to join the contest at school again this year.
*Harry* "What about this one?..."
*Lara* "I don't know, Harry. That one is really big. I can't spend that
much money this year. I think you should find something smaller..."
 *Harry* "What if i use my money?"
*Lara* "I still don't think it would be enough..."
*Harry* "Well if I can't find a better one, can I get this one?..."
*Lara* "Let's just look first, then we'll discuss which one to get."
Then Harry spots another pumpkin he likes. He darts across past his mom, sending her spinning around to keep up with him. He plants his hands on top of it and smiles widely...
*Harry* "This one! This one is the perfect color!...I can make a goblin or
witch with this one!"
When Harry gets excited, he get excited! His mind is racing with ideas and his mom has trouble keeping up. He's a smart child and Lara is very proud of him, she just wishes his Dad would have stuck around to see how well he's doing and to occasionally help out. Money is tight right now but she hates to disappoint him.
*Harry* "Can I get this one? It's perfect Mom! I know exactly what I want to do with it! I could win first place with this one. Please say yes Mom, Please!!!! Please!!!"
Lara lets out a huge sigh, this one looks even bigger than the first one! Harry ha got his heart set on this one now and she hates to tell him no.
*Lara* "Harry....That one is huge! I don't know if you have enough money for that one."
*Harry* "Can't you pay for the rest? Mom, I really want this one!..."
*Lara* "Yes, but I hate for you to spend your hard earned money on a pumpkin. Eventually it will have to be thrown away and it's just for a school contest. Just choose wisely, Sweetheart."
While Lara has been in deep discussion with her son, Jennifer and her two daughters, Adrianna and Kelly have also arrived 
at the pumpkin patch.
*Note* These 3 dolls are my daughter's dolls and the story line here is in collaboration with her ^_^
*Jennifer* "Adrianna, can you stop playing with your phone for just 5 minutes?!..."
But Adrianna does not hear her mother, she's sucked 
into the phone typing away.
*Jennifer* "Adriana! Put the phone away, now!
Adrianna pops her head up this time and replies...
*Adrianna* "It's boring here! I told you I didn't want to come!..."
*Jennifer* "You two always want more time with me and the minute I get some time off from work, you have to pull this....look around and enjoy yourself, give this place a chance."
*Adrianna* "But Mom! Hailey is in the middle of a crisis and she
needs to text me right now!.."
*Kelly rolls her eyes* "Hailey is a leach, you need to just let her go..."
*Jennifer* "Is she physically hurt?
Is her problem life threatening at the moment?"
*Adrianna* "No, but she's really upset!..."
*Jennifer* "Then she can text someone else for now, you're busy here
enjoying the morning with your sister and I. Put the phone away or
 I take it away. Last chance."
*Adrianna in angst teen voice* "But Mom! I can't, she's expecting me to text back!"
*Jennifer* "You're 13 years old do you really want to cause and
 scene and throw an tantrum?..."
*Adrianna* "Ugh!!! This is not fair! You get to keep your phone on!..."
*Jennifer* "Because I'm adult, with a job and if they call from the precinct, then we have to leave! Now put the phone away, and try to enjoy the remainder of the morning..."
Adrianna finally does as she is told and puts her phone away. The three then try to get into the spirit of the pumpkin patch. Meanwhile, Kurt and Kiara have switched places with Liza and Kimber. 
It is now their turn to take some pictures.
Kurt and Kiara have been going strong as a couple for quite some time now. This little gang of four have become a very close knit family. Kimber is Kurt's twin sister, so they alone are inseparable, but now each of them have been in steady relationships and the band is doing well, so life is good at the moment and they are enjoying they slightly crisp morning today.
*Kimber* "Say, "Cheese!"..."
Back in the city, that same morning Luke and Laura have just arrived at Scott and Krystal's house. They all plan to carpool together to the pumpkin patch. Scott greets them at the door.
 *Scott* "Good morning, Luke. How's it going? How's my little grandson doing?"
Scott stretches out his hand and Luke takes it, they have to shake awkwardly with their left hands since Phoenix is on Luke's right side.
*Luke* "Good Morning, Scott...Everything is good. You look ready to trek
 around the pumpkin patch and chase Phoenix around..."
Scott smiles and laughs cause toddlers are always on the go...
*Scott* "Well it feels good to get up in the morning and not have to put a suit on,
Laura says the farm is a nice little place."
Laura turns and joins in on the conversation.
*Laura* "It is a nice little place, family friendly, and it's owned by Justin Trudeau's twin brother...Luke and I discovered it last year. Chloe told me about it."
*Scott* "It's owned by the Trudeau's?...Wow! I hadn't even realized that..."
*Laura* Well, from what I've heard Erica has no claim to it. Um...James...I think that's his name, him and his wife bought it without 'Trudeau money'....Because he was disowned remember..."
*Scott* "Ah! Okay....Yeah I see what you're saying now. Well why don't y'all come to the kitchen,
 I think your mother is in there."
Then Krystal appears and heads straight to Phoenix. She reaches out to snatch him from Luke's arms and Phoenix is more than
 happy to see his Grandma...
*Krystal* "How are you my sweet! You wanna come with Nana?...Hi, Luke.
I hope you don't mind me snatching him from you."
*Luke* "Not at all..."
Laura turns to put her bag down, it's getting heavy."
*Laura* "No sweets, Mom!...fruit is okay though.."
*Krystal* "Okay..."
*Scott* "Oh! Sweetheart, I found out her put in the other offer on the
business property you want to buy!..."
Laura snaps around, they have been trying to buy that business space for Laura's bakery but another buyer really wants to place too.
*Laura* "You what?!...Why? How?..."
*Krystal* "C'mon...Pumpkin lets leave the adults to talk and we can get a snack..."
*Scott* "Well, I had to do some digging but I finally found out. Get ready sweetheart....It's Penelope, Well it's her husband actually. Miguel Montya!.."
Laura freaks out when she hears, Penelope's name...She gasps and cannot believe of all people interested in the same property 
it would be her.
*Laura* "Are you serious?! Oh my gawd! And she's married?!!..."
*Luke* "Miguel Montoya...Why is that name so familiar?..."
*Scott elaborates* "Miguel is the owner of the gentleman's club that Benjamin had his bachelor party at. He owns many businesses and is well known around town, and well off too..."
*Scott continues* "So I don't want you to get your hopes up Darlin' cause, he's gotta lotta clout with the banks and more than likely they will end up buying the property..."
*Laura* "Crap!...There's nothing we can do?!..."
*Scott* "You could try writing a letter to the bank, telling them why you want this
 business and hope that they lean in your favor...But that's not a guarantee at all."
*Laura* "Oh-kay...Well I guess it can't hurt to try then, huh?..."
Everyone files into the kitchen. Scott picked up donuts and coffee for everyone to snack on. They're still waiting on Michelle and Benjamin, who are also bringing Benjamin's younger siblings 
to the pumpkin patch. 

Laura sits at the kitchen table with her Mother and Phoenix, who is sitting in Krystal's lap.
*Krystal* "So how are you feeling? Was your blood pressure good on your last check up?
 You're a little over half way now..."
*Laura* "I'm feeling good, Momma. So far my blood pressure hasn't shot up, which is good. Phoenix keeps me busy, so by the end of the day I am so tired. I'll be happy and relieved
when this pregnancy is over."
Phoenix meanwhile is busy scribbling away on a new coloring book, Krystal bought. She even had some kid friendly snacks on hand for Phoenix, healthy ones of course cause Laura will 
not approve otherwise. 
*Krystal* "Yeah, toddlers will run circles around you if you let them...Well I
am so relieved that things are going much smoother this time around....I hated seeing
 you go through such a rough pregnancy the first time."
Krystal lowers her voices and continues talking...
*Krystal* "How are things between you and Luke?..."
 Krystal is still not fully trusting Luke just yet, she can see they are happy and she can see Laura is doing well, but she cannot help but wonder. Luke hid the truth so well the first time, and she knows the circumstances around it were a huge factor.
But still, Luke did cheat on her once while she was pregnant with Phoenix and they did work through all of it. She just hopes history doesn't repeat itself and so she has to inquire to make sure...
 *Laura a little miffed* "We're fine. I couldn't be happier...He's very understanding,
very patient, and very loving."

*Krystal* "That's good...he's supporting you, because this time is all about you, you know. You're carrying his baby, I just don't want to see you hurt again, that's all."
*Laura* "Momma, I know you don't but Luke and I are way past all of that and I hope you can be too. Our relationship is very strong, it's healthy and I'm enjoying it."
*Krystal* "Good, good...I am glad. I'm sorry to bring it up. I just worry ya know? And now your Father is helping you try and buy this business so I just hope that it doesn't put a strain on y'all."
 Laura understands, her parents are willing to shell out a lot of money to help her with her first business. They agreed to do so if Luke agreed to signing a prenup. So in the event that Luke and Laura did end up divorcing, Luke and Laura's businesses would not 
be included in the divorce.
*Laura* "I know, Luke is not too sure right now is a good time but he's willing to support me if it's what I really want. And yes I really want this business but if it's true what Daddy said then we may not get it. So I'll be back to square one...looking for another place."
Scott and Luke are still quietly talking.
*Scott* "Well ya know what I mean..."
Then the phone rings interrupting their conversation and Scott
quickly answers the phone. 
*Scott* "Hello?..."
*Scott* "Well, hey Darlin'...uh huh...yeah. Okay sounds good, we'll see ya all there then...Alright, bye...Oh, tell Benji to drive safe with those kiddos in the back. Okay, Darlin' bye..."
  Scott gets off the phone and addresses everyone.
*Scott* "Well! That was Michelle, she said to not wait on them, they'll meet us at the pumpkin patch....So I guess we should pack up and head on out then..."
*Luke* "I guess we can all ride in our car then..."
*Scott* "That works for me, what about you Honey?..."
*Krystal* "Sure! Us ladies will ride in the back with Phoenix
 and keep him company..."

To be continued in Part 3

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Trudeau Family Pumpkin Patch

Hey y'all it's that time of year again! It's time to head out into the country to a sweet little farm and pick out a pumpkin for Halloween!
This farm is ran by some of the Trudeau's, If you would like a refresher on past episodes then you can click here...


So it's early morning on a crisp October Saturday, the sun is shining bright and all the Trudeau's are out helping get things set up so they can open the gate to customers.  James helps his wife with her items that she makes and sells...
*James* "Lemme help you, Darlin'..."
*Marilyn* "Thank you Honey..."
*James* "Is that everything?..."
*Marilyn* "I got a few more I need to fetch..."
*James* "I'll come with ya..." 
She smiles at him and nods, James is always sweet on her and always has been since they were young. Meanwhile their daughter Brianna gets the register ready and makes sure she has plenty of change to start her day. 
Across the patch, Joshua is finishing setting out a few more pumpkins and other items, while Cassie his very pregnant young wife sits and tells him where to put them.
 *Cassie* "A little more to the left..."
*Joshua* "Here?..."
Last time we saw Joshua he was single and loving the ladies...
but all it took was one night to turn all that around.
 *Cassie* "I can't see your cute lil' butt is blocking my view..."
*Joshua smiles* "This is good I'll just leave it here..."
Cassie catapults her big round belly out of the chair. 
She is due any day now, so swollen ankles and feet are a given, which 
is why she has the chair to sit in.
*Cassie* "Now hold on...we want it to all look purdy, don't we?..."
 *Joshua turns around* "Cass, sit down...I can handle it just fine, Darlin'..."
 *Cassie* "I'm pregnant Josh, not sick...I'll be fine....Just git
the basket there and help me out..."
James and Marilyn come back with the remaining items. Marilyn does a last minute check over her wreaths and James makes sure 
that Bree has the register up and ready.
 *Marilyn* "There we go! Perfect....I'm all set over here...!"
 *James* "What about you sweetheart? You ready as well?"
*Bree* "Yes, Papa....I'm all set to go."
*James* "Good, Ima git your brother and we're gonna go
open the gate so be ready."
Josh and Cassie are finishing up the decorating....
*Cassie* "It actually feels good to get up and walk a bit ya know, the doctor
did say walking was good to help me go into labor."
Josh hands her another star decoration...
*Joshua* "Yeah I know, but ya gotta pace yourself Darlin'....it's gonna be a long day an it'll git busy so you'll have plenty ah opportunities to walk around an help out customers..." 
 Well, Cassie and Joshua got married shortly after they learned she was pregnant. All it took was one roll in the hay one night, a few beers and some carelessness on their part. They had barley just started dating, and couldn't keep their hands off each other.  Cassie's parents are more traditional and insisted they marry before the baby is born so Joshua did the right thing and has promised to love, cherish and honor her. As well as take care of her and their new baby girl that is due any day now. I hope these two can go the distance.
 Justin and Marilyn are both equally excited about being grandparents for the first time, it was definitely a bit of a shock when their son told them Cassie was pregnant, he's still young but they were young and in love once too. And Erica is over the moon about being a Great-Grandmother! Seems Benjamin has been trumped here, haha! but I don't doubt for a minute she will not feel any different when Benjamin and Michelle do decided to have children...
 *James* "Josh! You ready to help out with opening the gate? I'm sure
we'll be gitting some customers soon."
 *Joshua* "Yeah! Ima ready..."
Joshua picks up the chair so Cassie can sit and keep Brianna
 company for the time being.
*Marilyn* "Cassie, go keep Bree company Hun, and get off your feet..."
*Cassie* "I'm quite fine....Mrs. Trudeau..."
*Marilyn* "Oh, I'm sure you are, but once that baby comes there ain't gonna be no
 downtime so go relax now while you have a chance dear..."
*Cassie nods* "Okay...But I still wanna help for as long as I can."
Cassie sits and talks with Brianna...
*Cassie* "It sure is bright out this morning....but the cool air feels nice."
*Brianna* "It is. I think it will be a good first day. The weather is nice and the sun is out.
It will definitely bring lots a customers..."
 *Cassie* "Well, you let me know if you need help. I'm a quick learner and
hard worker so you can count on me."
 *Brianna smiles* "My brother will have my hide if I work you to hard...You know he
loves you a lot. I ain't ever seen him so crazy about one girl."
*Cassie smiles* "I love him too, but he needs to stop worrying,
 I'm fine..."

The Pumpkin Patch may be empty right now but soon it will 
be packed with pumpkin purchasers...
To be continued! 
Sorry it's so short y'all! It has been such a busy October for me. 
I hope to post more soon!